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Rossville was the first post office in northwest Georgia. Spring Place was second. New Echota was third. All three originally were in the Cherokee Nation.

The State of Georgia seized the land of the Cherokees and created Cherokee County in 1830. The following year, Murray County was created from Cherokee County; Murray at that time encompassed the entire northwest corner of Georgia. All three of these post offices were within Murray County as it then existed.

As portions of Murray County were carved off to create new counties and county lines were adjusted for other reasons, some of the post office that had once been within Murray County were no longer within the revised Murray County lines.

The following list includes the names and locations served by post offices and the dates each was in service. Over the years variations in spelling appeared in documents and on maps, for example: Cohuttah , Cohutta, Cohuta, and Cahutah appeared on various maps over the decades...all referring to the same community. To list all such variations known would unnecessarily complicate this simple listing.

Several of the following post offices provided service to Murray County residents, the post names appear in documents, books, even U.S. Censuses for Murray County...but the post office was not actually in Murray County!! Circumstances are noted for each such post office.

Post Offices known to have served Murray County include:

Adair post office, in Shuckpen district, operated from 1899 till 1909.

Alaculsey, far north-eastern part of county, operated from 1878 till 1914.

Amzi was on the Conasauga River where present-day Highway 76 crosses. Opened 1892. Closed 1909.

Beaverdale, a post office located in Whitfield County, served addresses in Murray County in the 1890s. Never located in Murray.

Carters operated from 1876 till 1973.

Cedar Ridge opened about 1850 in a part of Murray County that became Whitfield County in 1851.

Center Valley was open from 1860 to 1867.

Chatsworth post office opened in 1906 and remains open as of 2005.

Cisco post office operated from 1896 until the present (2005). The same community had been served very briefly by a post office called Log.

Cohutta Springs. Oddly this name has been used by two post offices in Murray County. The first, located near Colvards, opened in 1836 and remained in service till 1900. After that office closed, the Loughridge post office was renamed Cohutta Springs.

Conasauga Post Office is mentioned in the Census of Murray County in both 1840 and 1860, so it is listed here to explain the situation. This post office was located just across the line in Gilmer County. Location has been verified from maps of 1885 and 1895. The post office closed about 1887.

Coosawattee came into existence in 1836 as the result of a name change for Rock Spring post office which had opened in 1834. The office closed in 1866.

Crandall opened a post office in 1904. As of 2005 this office remains in operation.

Cross Plains had a post office before 1845. In 1847 the village's name was changed to Dalton. That area became a part of Whitfield County in 1851 when that county split off from Murray County.

Dalton post office (originally called Cross Plains) opened in1841, prior to Whitfield County being carved from Murray. In operation under its present name since 1847, this post office still is in operation as of 2005.

Dennis post office operated from 1882 until 1909 (?).

Doogan, near Cisco, operated from 1885 until 1942.

Dunn served present-day Eton from 1881 till 1906.

Eldows was a short-lived post office near Spring Place in 1880s.

Enoch was located near present Murray County land fill. Operated 1903 till 1909.

Eton post office opened in 1906 and still is in operation as of 2005.

Fairy, near Hall's Chapel and Fancy Hill, operated from1897 till 1918.

Fancy Hill had a post office south of present-day Fairy Valley from 1850 till 1866.

Fashion post office originally was called Woodlawn from 1848 until 1894. Closed 1907.

Fort Mountain post office served the Doolittle District from 1876 until 1909.

Gregory, a post office near Colvard's, operated from 1902 till 1909.

Hasslers Mills post office opened in 1854, closed in 1866, reopened in 1879 and closed in 1909.

Holly post office might have opened as early as 1834. It was discontinued after the War Between the States, then re-established in 1879. It closed in 1909. Also called Holly Creek.

Huff post office was in operation around 1895. It appeared in a compilation titled "Post Offices of Georgia, 1764-1900.

Hughes, very near the Tennessee State Line, operated from 1881 till 1909.

Log was original name of the post office at Cisco. Operated only one month using that name before changing the name to Cisco.

Loughridge had a post office from 1880s till 1910. In 1901 this post office was renamed Cohutta Springs. Another post office near Colvards that had previously used that name closed in 1900.

New Echota had a post office from 1825(?) till 1841. That area is now in Gordon County.

Oran within present-day Chatsworth had a post office from 1892 until 1909 (?)

Petty post office, near Fairy, operated from 1900 till 1906.

Pleasant Valley post office began in 1833 and closed in 1858.

Prune was a small post office near Holly Creek from 1902 until 1904.

Ramhurst was the name selected to replace Ramsey because another Georgia post office had the name of Ramsey, creating much confusion. Under the name of Ramhurst this office was open from 1906 until 1960.

Ramsey post office operated from 1882 till 1904, when the name changed to Ramhurst.

Red Clay post office opened in 1841, prior to Whitfield County being carved from Murray in 1851.

Red Hill had a post office from 1835 till 1854. That part of Murray County became Whitfield County in 1851.

Resaca post office dates from 1850, prior to Murray County giving up that area to Gordon County.

Rock Creek post office is mentioned in the Murray County Census for 1860.

Rock Spring post office opened in 1834. In 1836 the name was changed to Coosawatee. Under that name it continued operation until 1866.

Rossville post office was the first established within the Cherokee Nation in 1819. When Murray County was created, Rossville was in Murray. When Walker County was created entirely from Murray County, Rossville fell into that county.

Spring Place was the second post office within the Cherokee Nation. The Moravian mission served as the first post office. When Murray County was created, Spring Place became the county seat. This post office was in operation from 1819 till 1973.

Sugar Valley post office opened in 1849, prior to Gordon County being created from Murray.

Sumach post office was established in 1878 and operated well into the 20th century.

Summerhours was the name used for Woodlawn post office on Murray County map, dated 1865.

Temple Grove post office served upper Murray County from 1899 till 1909.

Tennga started service in 1906 after changing name of post office from Whip. Tennga is still in operation as of 2005.

Tilton opened a post office in 1850. The following year that part of Murray County became Whitfield County.

Tunnel Hill post office was established in 1841, before that part of Murray County became Whitfield County in 1851.

Turnersville post office is mentioned in George White's Statistics of the State of Georgia in the 1840s.

Upper King's Bridge, a post office actually located in Whitfield County, served a portion of Murray County around 1860. Never located in Murray.

Wells had a post office from 1885 until 1909.

Whip was the original name of post office at Tennga. Operated 1902-06 under that name.

Woodlawn operated in Fashion from 1848 until 1894 when the name was changed to Fashion. On an 1865 map, the name appears as "Summerhours Woodlawn."

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