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This is the beginning of a new section in the museum, documenting basic information about families that have lived in Murray County, Georgia in the distant past.

Most of this first group of families lived here in the distant past, more than a hundred years ago. Some of these families were first settlers of the county. A large number of these had family members to die during the Civil War.

This section will provide family reports, some of which only document points in time for a family. The information provided here should prove very helpful to anyone looking for family backgrounds.

If you want to add families to this collection, please read these guidelines carefully:

  • This collection contains only families that have lived in Murray County.

  • Please do NOT create a separate write-up for each branch of current or recent families.

  • The museum can accept only text narrative for this section–no charts, no trees, no photographs, and no special formatting. These sometimes cause computers to "freeze up" and that can be very frustrating.

  • Be reasonable in the length of each family background–the museum is mainly interested in detailing the family in Murray County. What happened before and after Murray should be brief.

  • Check the details carefully before submitting. Once a history is posted, that is logically equivalent to printing it in a book. It simply cannot be changed every time there is a changed detail or circumstance, such as a birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc. For personal security reasons use discretion when posting personal details of young people living today.

  • No handwritten materials, please. Material should be ready to add to the museum collection without any editing, rewriting, correcting, or changing on our part.

  • Updates will be made to this section each time that the museum has several new families to add. There might be months between updates. Be patient.

  • Each submission must include the name of the person or persons who submitted the material. Do NOT submit copyrighted materials such as the family histories previously published in Murray County Heritage. The museum will accept newly written histories for the families from that book but will not knowingly accept material copied from it.

  • Materials should be submitted in one of the commonly used word-processing programs, no jpeg images of pages, no pdf files, no spread-sheets, etc. Type-written pages may also be submitted.




Ables, Newt

Akin, Silas

Anderson, Walton W., M.D.


Ballew, Daniel Jr.

Bandy, Richard

Bates, Elias Ezekiel

Bates, John

Bates, Julius

Bates, Rice Ross

Bates, William

Bettis, John

Bishop, J. M.

Bolch, George

Bradley, Buford

Brewer, Jefferson

Bright, Annis

Bryant, James Andrew


Cain, Green Washington

Calhoun, Bluford, Gilford, Jeremiah, & John Jr.

Carter, Samuel McDonald

Cleveland, William

Cole, D. E.

Cole, Thomas

Coleman, William

Connally, Nathaniel

Connally, Philo

Connally, Samuel

Crawford, Thomas

Crawford, William A.

Cruse, Gary Robert


Davis, Oscar

Dickerson, Nelson

Dill, Mary Dilbeck

Dooley, Dock

Dunn, Giles


Edmondson, Tom Polk

Evans, John Wesley


Fain, George J.

Faith, Abraham

Fincher, William E. "Bill"

Fuller, Derrell O.


Gladden, Berry

Gladden, Lula

Goins, Oscar

Green, Alfred

Green, J. M.

Griffin, Allen & David

Groves, William Cast


Hall, Frank

Halls, Gallmans, etc.

Hayes, John L. & Mary

Headrick, Jacob (Jr.)

Headrick, Jacob (Sr.)

Headrick, James

Headrick, John

Henderson, John

Henderson, Joseph

Henry, Charles L.

Henry, James A.

Higdon, Conway C.

Hill, George H.

Holland, Joseph B.

Howard, George W.

Humphreys, David E.



Jackson, William & Lucy

Jones, Carl Franklin


Keith, Ida (married Dock Dooley)

Keith, R. R.


Lackey, William C.

Langford, Jack

Latch, John H.

Latch, John Wesley

Leamon, Samuel

Lemons, George W.

Lentz, Wiley

Lewis, Miles W.

Lollar, Isaac

Looney, I Wily

Luffman, Col.

Luffman, John


Martin, Andrew, Jonathan, and Vanburen

Masters, Winston A.

McAlister, Benjamin

McCrosky, M. D. L.

McEntire, Thomas

McGaughey, John

McGaughey, William

McGhee, Pleasant

McGinty, Franklin Alexander

McKamy, James A.

McLain, Isaac

Miller, B. F., Dr.

Moore, Ben Jr.

Moore, John

Morris, Elias Camp


Neal, Ernest


Oglesby, James

Ogletree, Pauline

Oliver, John

Osborne, William


Pack, James

Palmer, Robert, Thomas & William

Parrott, Ruben, Isaac, & William

Patterson, Frederick

Payne, James W.

Pearce, Jesse H.

Pearce, Thomas S.

Pendley, William

Plemons, Thomas

Plemmons, William B.

Price, Joseph

Pritchett, David Wesley



Ray, James

Richardson, George

Rorex, James

Ross, Charles "Charlie"


Seay, Presley

Sexton, Willie Mae

Shriner, Charles A.

Smithey, James & Robert

Smoak, John S.

Stafford, E. O., Dr.

Stockberger, George

Stovall, David

Stroud, Robert

Suggs, John & Lorin


Tankersley Family

Terry, George W.

Terry, Huse B.

Thomas, Waddy

Thomas, William & David

Thompson, John W.

Thornton, T. P.

Townsend, Ben and Stella

Treadwell, Smith




Venable, James Moorman


Watts, Van L.

Wells, Mashburn

Winkler, Tom

Whisenaunt, Nicholas

White, Francis

White, Melvin

Whitener, Brownlow

Wilbanks, John Henry

Williams, Charles J.

Williams, Zachariah

Williamson, James

Winters, Ella

Wood, Charles

Wood, Robert

Wood, Samuel

Woods, John & Frankie




Zant, James

Zant, Josiah

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