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This is the beginning of what we hope will become an extensive collection of photographs of life in Murray County, Georgia.

Over time, as acceptable photographs are collected, we hope to create sections dealing with each of the following:

Pictures of early Murray farm life. Horses, mules, oxen, and donkeys as farm work animals. The tools, implements, equipment and devices that were used. The various farm buildings that were common.

Pictures of unusual work/chores. Black-smithing, sorghum making, whiskey making, saw-milling, logging, mining, and so forth.

Pictures of older Murray buildings. Schools and churches that no longer exist. Unusual homes that are no more. Water-driven mills, grist mills, saw mills, water-driven factory equipment. Cotton gins.

The first photographs in this section of the museum are of MURRAY COUNTY PEOPLE. Initially we are featuring photographs ranging from the earliest citizens to those born before 1925. Whether they became rich or famous doesn't matter, so long as they at some point lived in Murray County.

. If you prefer to use regular postal service, send to: H. McDaniel, 213 82nd Avenue North, Myrtle Beach SC 29572. At least for now, we do not want any photographs of groups such as sports teams, school classes, family reunions, etc.


Photograph Adams Gertie (Keith) Adams.
Photograph Adams Joe Harris Adams, early 1900s.
Photograph Akins George Luther Akins (1924-1944), Sgt. U.S. Army, from Shuckpen District. Killed in Italy, Dec. 14, 1944. Next 7 pictures are of his family.
Photograph Akins George Luther Akins (in overalls), with brother, John (left) and cousin Hoyle Lents (middle). Taken 1940s.
Photograph Akins George L. Akins (Sr.) and M. Ola Akins, parents of Luther, 1940s.
Photograph Akins M. Ola Akins, Shuckpen District.
Photograph Akins John Harlan Akins
Photograph Akins Charles Lamar Akins, younger man unidentified.
Photograph Akins Betty Faye Akins, 1940s.
Photograph Akins Clara Lynn Akins.
Photograph Allen Ivan Allen. He was never a resident of Murray County but is being included as an honorary citizen. His ancestors ran the Chester Inn in Spring Place in 1830s. He gave the land to create Fort Mountain State Park in the 1930s.
Photograph Amis Caroline Amis, Chatsworth, 1987.
Photograph Amis J. Paxon Amis (1903-1973), Sumach.
Photograph Anderson Edward Quillian Anderson, 1878 - 1969, son of Jesse R. and Hannah (Rogers) Anderson.
Photograph Anderson John Henry Anderson, 1871 - 1895, son of Jesse R. and Hannah (Rogers) Anderson.
Photograph Anderson Joseph Bunyon Anderson, 1876 - 1947, son of Jesse R. and Hannah (Rogers) Anderson.
Photograph Anderson Dr. William Anderson, Spring Place
Photograph Anderson Willione Preston Anderson, 1873 - 1893, son of Jesse R. and Hannah (Rogers) Anderson.
Photograph Arthur Elsie Alfreda Arthur, Crandall, 1993.
Photograph Ausmus Floyd and Rachel Ausmus, sons Ralph and Earl.
Photograph Baggett Family of Jesse Allen Baggett and Sallie (Long) Baggett, 1939. L-R, 1st row: Floyd Baggett, Nell Baggett Welch, Jesse Allen Baggett, Sallie Long Baggett, Ethel Baggett Wilbanks, Leonard Baggett

2nd Row: Stella Baggett Townsend, Jess Baggett, Opal Baggett Wilbanks, Maude Baggett Parrott, Bess Baggett Robinson, Aleen Baggett Elrod, Lester Baggett

Back row: Bill Baggett, Walt Baggett. Picture 1939.
Photograph Baggett Mina (Gray, Youell) Baggett
Photograph Bailey Frank & Wanda Bailey, Sumach, 1996.
Photograph Bailey James Bailey.
Photograph Ballew Laura (Chapman) Ballew, photo probably from 1940s.
Photograph Bandy Bandy family: Front, Itzel, Walter, John, W. E., and Cecil Bandy. Back, Aurora, Virgil, Birdie, and Pearl Bandy.
Photograph Bandy Bernard King Bandy. Cisco.
Photograph Bandy Gordon and Glenda Bandy. Cisco.
Photograph Bandy-Blair Drawing of I. H. Bandy at age 98, by granddaughter Vickie Blair. 2007.
Photograph Bandy Harold and Aline Bandy. Cisco.
Photograph Bandy Itzel and Cleta Bandy, 65th Anniversary, 1993.
Photograph Bandy Ralph and Betty Bandy. Both born in Little Murray.
Photograph Bandy Ralph and Betty Bandy. Little Murray. Lived much of their lives in Cleveland, Tenn.
Photograph Bandy William "Bill" Curry Bandy. Cisco.
Photograph Bandy William Elbert and Laura "Birdie" (Cochran) Bandy.
Photograph Baxter Annie Julie (Pickel) Baxter (wife of John Delmar Baxter)
Photograph Baxter John Delmar Baxter (husband of Annie Julie (Pickel) Baxter)
Photograph Beall Andrew Jackson Beall, Spring Place.
Photograph Beall John Lumpkin Beall, Spring Place.
Photograph Bedford Susan and Owen Bedford.
Photograph Bond Mrs. Thelma (Treadwell) Bond, 2002
Photograph Bookout Sarah Francis Bookout.
Photograph Boudinot Elias Boudinot (1800-1839), Cherokee Indian journalist and publisher of The Cherokee Phoenix.
Photograph Bowers Cosby & Charlene Bowers, Crandall, mid-1990s.
Photograph Bowers Bowers, Joseph A., shown here in the Philippines in 1901. He earlier served in Cuba during the Spanish-American War as a stable sergeant. Buried in Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery.
Photograph Bradley Andrew Buford Bradley with granddaughters Jenevelyn Wells on left and Opal Wells, right.
Photograph Bradley Brothers: Andrew Buford Bradley, Samuel Benjamin Bradley, and James Sydney Bradley.
Photograph Bradley Clifton Andrew Bradley.
Photograph Bradley Martin Bradley.
Photograph Bramblett Henry Bramblett, World War I. In later years he became known as "Gitney" Bramblett because he drove the buses between Chatsworth, Dalton, and Ellijay.
Photograph Bramblett Henry Bramblett, World War I. After the war he drove buses between Chatsworth, Dalton, and Ellijay, and knew who lived in virtually every house along those roadways.
Photograph Bramblett Charlie H. Bramblett, Jr., "Buster" (1901-1918). Killed-in-action in France, 1918. Son of Charlie (Sr.) & Amanda Bramblett.
Photograph Bramblett Ruby (Hall) Bramblett.
Photograph Bright Ben & Nancy (Cash) Bright. Parents of William, who was born in 1871, at Spring Place. Photo about 1880.
Photograph Bright William & Josephine (Ellis) Bright, married in 1890, lived near Spring Place. William is holding son, Chester. Photo from 1890.
Photograph Brooks Alline Gregory Brooks.
Photograph Brown Roy Brown Family. Rev. Thomas and Callie (Harper) Brown with 3 oldest children: Nanie, at rear of picture; Roy on his father's lap; and Spurgeon, in his mother's lap.
Photograph Brown Charles O. Brown (1930-1950) son of Charlie Allen & Ida Mae (Guess) Brown. Died in 1950 while a Prisoner-of-War in North Korea.
Photograph Brown Dr. Sam A. Brown, Sumach.
Photograph Brown Thomas M. Brown (1886-1918). Killed-in-Action in France, in 1918. Buried at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France. His parents were Richard & Malinda Brown. His widow was Gertrude (Birch) Brown.
Photograph Bryant Bill and Beulah. 1950. Lived near Gregory Mill and Oak Grove School.
Photograph Bond P. H. Bond
Photograph Brackett Edna (Stafford) Bracket, son, Larry. Fairy Valley.
Photograph Bradford May Bradford, Spring Place, 1909.
Photograph Bramblett Maude (center) and Trixie Bramblett
Photograph Bramblett Walt & Lillie (Fortner) Bramblett, about 1900
Photograph Bramblett W. H. ("Bill") Bramblett, 1839-1910. Picture by W. H. Wilson, Hamilton Street, Dalton, price on it was $1.98
Photograph Bramblett Clinton H. Bramblett, photo probably from 1930s.
Photograph Bramblett W. W. "Walt" and Lillie (Fortner) Bramblett, photo probably taken 1930s.
Photograph Branham Levi and Mandy Branham, Spring Place, about 1920
Photograph Brooks Julia (Martin) Gordon, holding Lenora Gordon, 1922
Photograph Brooks T. W. Brooks, Chatsworth, 1908
Photograph Brown John Baxter Brown & wife Olivia (Cain) Brown
Photograph Brown Oscar "Ottie" Leon Brown, wife Cadia (Mitchell) Brown, daughter Josephine. Photo circa 1900, Spring Place.
Photograph Brown Free and Dessie Brown, 1976, Free Hope Community.
Photograph Brown Dr. S. A. Brown, Eton, 1906
Photograph Bryant Clint & Jane Bryant, Crandall, early 1990s.
Photograph Buckner Malcolm Buckner, left high school in 1943 to enlist in the U.S. Navy. Participated in the D-Day invasion of France. Earned numerous awards and medals. When he returned to Murray County, he was awarded a high school diploma as a tribute for service to his country.
Photograph Buckner Clara and Rome Buckner, wedding picture 1917, Casey Springs.
Photograph Butler James and Elaine Butler, Chatsworth, 1996.
Photograph Butler Jim Butler, Chatsworth, photo 1941
Photograph Butler Miss Edna Jo Butler, 1960s
Photograph Cagle Homer Jackson Cagle, son of Jim and Elmina Cagle, with his wife, Ruthie Mae Huffman Cagle. They had 12 children. Homer died in 1971 from heart failure and Ruthie died in 2008 from cancer. Their great grandson, Trent, said "Homer was a well know bootlegger in Murray County and northwest Georgia."
Photograph Cagle Allen James Cagle, Sr. (1920-1944) was son of Jackson and Emma Cagle, who lived at Coosawatee, Murray County. A. J. was killed in action March 7, 1944, in France. He was father to Allen James Cagle, Jr., below.
Photograph Cagle Allen James Cagle, Jr., son of Allen James Cagle, Sr., above. Son was known as Jimmy Cagle. He married Jane Young of Spring Place. Jimmy was killed in Vietnam, June 25, 1967. His body was returned and he was buried with full military honors on July 4, 1967.
Photograph Caldwell F. L. Caldwell, Sumach, late 1980s.
Photograph Calhoun Calhoun Sisters, center to right: Lillie Ballew, Mattie Beavers, Laura Adams, Carrie Hall, Pearl Faw
Photograph Cantrell Sidney L. Cantrell (1919-1944) , from Crandall. Killed during World War II in France.
Photograph Carlock Creed A. Carlock, singing school teacher, Spring Place.
Photograph Carson Elaine Carson, Crandall, 1996.
Photograph Carter Don and Frances Carter, Chatsworth, 1993.
Photograph Carter Colonel Samuel M. Carter, 1890s.
Photograph Carter Farish Carter
Photograph Carter Col. Samuel M. Carter
Photograph Carter Samuel M. Carter, Jr.
Photograph Carver Mont & Ocie Carver.
Photograph Caylor Clifford Caylor (1895-1918) killed-in-action in World War I. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Son of John & Millie Caylor.
Photograph Chable Alphonso A. Chable, Alaculsey, about 1860
Photograph Chable Alphonso A. Chable, Alaculsey. Perhaps 1890s.
Photograph Chambers Robert E. Chambers, about 1970s
Photograph Chatsworth Chatsworth Baseball Team 1938. L-R 1st Row: Jack Patterson, Dorsey Brown, John "Cotton" Bradley, Roscoe Chastain, Kimball Whitener and George Duncan. L-R 2nd Row - Carl "Turk" Ross, George Parker, Charlie Ross, Mickey Long, Phil Bradley and Roy Baggett. L-R 3rd Row - Bill Chastain, Lawrence "Tiag" Swanson, Plemon "Cracknut" Smith, Horace Roberts, C.W. Bradley and Bill Smitherson.
Photograph Chatsworth Chatsworth Baseball Team 1948-49. L-R 1st Row: Rembert Townsend, Johnny Parrott, Horace Roberts, Buel Townsend, unknown. Youngster in front: Billy Townsend. 2nd Row: William Robinson, Calvin Townsend, Malvin Townsend, Hubert Rouse, Kimball Whitener.
Photograph Chatsworth Chatsworth Baseball Team 1950. L-R 1st Row: Loren Ross, Bobby Gudger, John "Cotton" Bradley, Billy "Bunt" Patterson and George Duncan. L-R Back Row - Cecil Bradley, Johnny Parrott, Ray Swanson, Tom Hemphill, Rembert Townsend and Howell Wilson.
Photograph Cochran Fannie and Laura "Birdie" Cochran. 1887.
Photograph Cockburn Mary (Pellom) Cockburn
Photograph Coffey Novis Coffey, inside cotton gin belonging to Benjamin Addison Gregory, in the Gregory Mill Community, probably late 1930s or early 1940s. Novis is standing in front of one of the cotton ginning stands. Submitted by Conway Gregory.
Photograph Coffey Ed Coffey at old Cohutta Springs Resort
Photograph Colvard Julia Colvard.
Photograph Connally Steve Connally. Born a slave in Murray County Georgia in 1840s. He belonged to the "Cushi" Connally family. Picture taken at age 90 in Texas.
Photograph Cook Floyd and Ruby (Bayley) Cook, taken on their wedding day, in 1928.
Photograph Cox Ennis and Essie Cox. He lived in Murray as a teenager, later the couple lived in Cleveland, Tenn.
Photograph Cox Tom and Onie Cox. Little Murray.
Photograph Cox Mattie Emma (McHan) Cox (wife of John "Perry" Cox)
Photograph Cox John "Perry" Cox (husband of Mattie Emma McHan Cox)
Photograph Cox George and Emma Cox, Spring Place, early 1930s.
Photograph Crider Seated, James (holding son, Winfrey) and Mary Crider. Standing, Ruby and William Crider.
Photograph Crider Criders: front, Mary Lou and Chessie Lee Crider. Back, Rubena, Ray, and C. W. Crider, Jr., of Little Murray.
Photograph Crider Winfrey and Amy Crider. Little Murray.
Photograph Crider Zonia Crider.
Photograph Crump Olen Spencer Crump, World War II soldier.
Photograph Crump Crumps, Elise Glockzin and Olen Spencer, 1940s.
Photograph Crump Olen Spencer Crump demonstrating his ironing skills, 1940s.
Photograph Crump Olen Spencer Crump with his mother, Nora Crump, 1940s.
Photograph Crump Olen Spencer Crump (left) with unidentified friend. World War II.
Photograph Crump Crump Brothers: W. A. (Left) and Olen Spencer. World War II.
Photograph Davenport Curtis Davenport (1932-1950) son Herbert & Willie (Holbert) Davenport. Killed in Action in Korea in 1950.
Photograph Davenport Another picture of Curtis Davenport.
Photograph Davenport Frank J. Davenport (1921-1944) son of John R. & Sallie Davenport. Killed in France in World War II.
Photograph Davis Albert R. Davis Family. He was son of Amy Melissa Davis.
Photograph Davis Amy Melissa (Moore) Lewis Davis was born in 1836. Widow of Miles W. Lewis, killed in the Civil War at Gettysburg in 1863.
Photograph Davis Carl Leon Davis, long-time principal at Spring Place School.
Photograph Davis J. B. & Maebell (Walls) Davis, Mozelle and Marvin.
Photograph Davis J. B. Davis, World War II.
Photograph Davis Mae (Bramlett) Davis, wife of Sanford A. Davis, Spring Place.
Photograph Davis Nelson Anderson Davis, Spring Place.
Photograph Davis Sanford Anderson Davis, husband to Mae (Bramlett) Davis, Spring Place
Photograph Davis Sanford Davis Family. Standing: Pearl, Earle, Nelson. Sitting: Clarence, Sanford, and J. B. Davis.
Photograph Davis Family of T. B. And Laura Josephine Davis, 1897.
Photograph Davis Rev. Oscar Davis, Free Hope, photo about 1930.
Photograph Davis Ruby (Petty) Davis, photo 1983, Free Hope
Photograph Davis William and Mary M. (Bailey) Davis, Free Hope Community, 1900.
Photograph Davis W. R. Davis, Eton, about 1906
Photograph Davis Charles Chilion Davis, 1898.
Photograph Davis John Wood Davis family in 1902. Front left to right: Austin Lewis Davis, John Wood Davis, Pearl J. Davis, Mary Rebecca (Lewis) Davis. Back: Oscar Davis, Biddie L. Davis, Minnie Carolina Davis, and Enoch Davis (son of Charles Davis).
Photograph Dickie Dr. E. H. Dickie, Essie, Robert
Photograph Dickson Willie E. Dickson, lived at Spring Place. Photo 1897. Married Randolph Borders, died in child birth at Red Bud, Ga., 1900.
Photograph Dilbeck Rosa Dilbeck, Sumach, 1987.
Photograph Dill Mary Dill, Sumach, 1987.
Photograph Dillard Brothers Loyd (left) and Lemuel Franklin Dillard (right). Sones of John Thomas and Minnie Belle Collins Dillard. Photo about 1902.
Photograph Dillard Lemuel Franklin Dillard and Zula Mae Moreland Dillard. About 1920.
Photograph Dillard John Thomas Dillard (1878-1942).
Photograph Dooley Dock Dooley holding oldest child, Martin, with wife Ida Keith Dooley. Picture about 1914.
Photograph Dover Andrew Dover, Sr., World War II.
Photograph Dover Andrew Dover, Jr., Vietnam War.
Photograph Dillard Minnie Belle (Collins) Dillard, wife of John Thomas Dillard, who once owned Empire Talc and Lumber Company.
Photograph Duncan Patricia and Deward Lee Duncan.
Photograph Dunn Frank Dunn (1890-1918) killed-in-action in France during World War I. Buried Oise-Aisne American Cemetery, France. Son of Leander and Selpha Dunn.
Photograph Earnest C. G. and Annie Earnest.
Photograph Edmondson Tom Polk Edmondson, enlisted Confederate Army at 17. This recently discovered photo probably was taken shortly after he enlisted. Major Edmondson was one of several killed in combat in southwest Murray County, April 3, 1865. His body was returned to his family, who lived at the Vann House. He was buried in Spring Place Cemetery. The museum's Civil War Section has extensive details about Major Edmondson, including two official Union Army reports of the battle in which he died. This photo was provide by L. B. (Buzz) Etheridge, of Marietta. Mr. Etheridge's Great Grandfather was John Edmondson, brother to Major Tom Polk Edmondson.
Photograph Elliot H. G. and Eula Mae (Thornton) Elliott, Chatsworth, 1980.
Photograph Elliot Elliot Family - L-R: Sarah (Elliot) Cloer, Bessie (Elliot) Ledford, Jewell Elliot, Belle (Green) Elliot, Nancy (Elliot) Beavers
Photograph Elmore Rev. Louise Wilbanks Elmore, daughter of Robert Hill and Francis Tyson Wilbanks. Murray County's first female United Methodist Preacher.
Photograph Elrod Louisa Abigail (Rogers) Elrod (seated). Born and died in Murray County (1856-1923). Daughters: Josie (born 1893), Ida (born 1895 in Fulton County, Ga.).
Photograph Elrod William Albert "Ab" Elrod (seated). Born 1879. Clabe Elrod, born 1883, and Ferman Elrod, born 1890. All were Born in Murray County, sons of Daniel Marion and Louisa Abigail (Rogers) Elrod.
Photograph Elrod Daniel Marion Elrod. Born in Murray County, 1858. Son of Thomas and Mary (Couch) Elrod. Husband to Louisa Abigail (Rogers) Elrod.
Photograph Elsberry Rev. Bill and Kathy (?) Elsberry, Free Hope.
Photograph Etheridge Idie Etheridge.
Photograph Evans John Wesley Evans, 1827-1864. Was lawyer at Spring Place, 1849-52. Served in Civil War as Colonel, 64th Ga. Infantry Regt. Killed in Battle of the Crater, Petersburg, Virginia, July 30, 1865.
Photograph Fesperman Charles & Priscilla Fesperman, Crandall, mid-1990s.
Photograph Fincher William E. (Bill) Fincher. Born at Spring Place in 1896, the son of Samuel and Laura Fincher. Bill was an All American lineman at Georgia Tech, where he graduated in 1920. He then served as line coach for Tech's varsity team 1925-1931.
Photograph Fore Sam Gordon & Flora Fore.
Photograph Fortner James R. Fortner (1896-1918) killed-in-action in France during World War I. Buried Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France. Son of Mills & Laura Louella Fortner.
Photograph Fouts Noel Frank Fouts, wife, Rossie Elizabeth, and son, Richard Fouts. They lived in Alaculsa Valley.
Photograph Fouts Noel Leonard Fouts (1920-1951) was son of Noel Frank and Rossie Elizabeth Fouts, lived in Alaculsa Valley. Killed in Korean War, January 20, 1951.
Photograph Fouts William Bert Fouts, son of Noel Frank and Rossie Elizabeth Fouts, lived in the Alaculsa Valley.
Photograph Fouts Solomon Fouts, Alaculsey.
Photograph Fowler Marga Fowler, Sumach, 1996.
Photograph Fowler Jesse Fowler and Mima Jo (Leonard) Fowler, 1930s
Photograph Fowler Mima Jo (Leonard) Fowler, with Mary Lynn, early 1940s
Photograph Freeland Fate and Jimmie Freeland.
Photograph Fuller Derrell Oran Fuller (1911-1945), son of George and Adie Fuller of Doogan Community, later Oklahoma. Derrell died from wounds suffered in battle, April 17, 1945, in Germany.
Photograph Fuller Derrell Fuller, wife Lena, son Derrell Oran Fuller.
Photograph Gallman Barney Gallman at age 22.
Photograph Gibson Rev. Lonzo Gibson, Free Hope, 1930s photo.
Photograph Gladden Lula, Thelma, and Loretta Gladden.
Photograph Gladden Children of Joseph Cephus and Sarah Francis (Bookout) Gladden, Marvin, Loretta, Lula, Thelma, and Roy Gladden.
Photograph Gladden Lula Celia Gladden, photo 1946.
Photograph Gladden Elias Greenville Gladden and Celia (Nelson) Gladden.
Photograph Gladden Marvin and Sidney Gladden.
Photograph Gladden Joseph C. Gladden, his daughter Loretta, and unknown woman.
Photograph Gladden Loretta and Roy at the homeplace.
Photograph Gladden Lula C. Gladden (age 13) with her sister Thelma. Picture 1931.
Photograph Gladden Mr. And Mrs. Gladden, with Nettie
Photograph Glenn E. R. Glenn, first mayor of Chatsworth on horse at left. Picture of Chatsworth Depot either 1905 or 1906.
Photograph Glenn Woody Glenn, 1936
Photograph Gordon Kenneth & Charlene Gordon, Crandall, 1980s.
Photograph Gordon Ed Gordon.
Photograph Gordon Pope & Laura Gordon.
Photograph Gordon Sam Gordon & Flora Fore.
Photograph Gordon Lucile Gordon, photo 1930s, Free Hope
Photograph Gordon Manis Boston Gordon with Georgia (Luffman) Gordon, and John. Photograph bout 1900. Free Hope. She was first to be buried in what is now known as Free Hope Cemetery.
Photograph Gordon Nina (Jones) Gordon, 1936 picture
Photograph Gordon Raymond Gordon, Western Union delivery, 1930s picture
Photograph Gordon Raymond and Nina (Jones) Gordon, photo 1958, Free Hope
Photograph Gordon Rev. Raymond and Nina (Jones) Gordon, Free Hope Community, 1986.
Photograph Green John Booster Green. He had a store north of Fairy Valley.
Photograph Greene Dr. John W. Greene, about 1910
Photograph Greeson Fannie (center) and Loulla (Louella?) Greeson. Photo from 1870s, near Spring Place.
Photograph Greeson Green and Dora Terrell Greeson, photo probably 1880s. They lived south of Spring Place. He was a prisoner in Ohio when the Civil War ended. He walked home.
Photograph Gregory Maude Ann Gregory about 1960.
Photograph Gregory Gregory Store, ca. 1950. Left to Right: Ralph Wooten, Pat Dunn, Wallace Wooten, C. L. Caylor, B. A. Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Robert Houston Gregory, left, back row, and Thomas Leach Gregory, right, back row, working at Derby Lane Greyhound Dog Race Track, St. Petersburg, Florida, 1928.
Photograph Gregory Roland Gregory at Gregory Family Cemetery, on Terry Farm, near Holly Creek, 1998.
Photograph Gregory B. A. Gregory & Mary Delia McCamy Gregory, Wedding photo, December 1901.
Photograph Gregory B. A. Gregory, Mitchell Gregory, Mary Delia McCamy Gregory at Main Dam on the Conasauga River, 1909.
Photograph Gregory Infant son of B. A. And Mary Delia McCamy Gregory. Still born March 1904.
Photograph Gregory Verna Margaret Gregory. High school graduation, 1931, Lucy Hill Institute at Spring Place.
Photograph Gregory Frank Gregoy, son of John Pleasant Gregory, in Florida, 1940s.
Photograph Gregory John Pleasant Gregory Family, left to right: Ora; John Alexander; Robert Houston; Samuel (?); John with George on lap; James (?); Eliza Henry Gregory with Walter on lap; William (?).
Photograph Gregory Edna Loughridge Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Eliza Henry Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Eugenia Evelyn Gregory.
Photograph Gregory John Benjamin Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Hyden Henry Gregory with wife, Nannie Bell Keith Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Children of John Pleasant Gregory: Robert Huston Gregory, Myra Gregory Thompson, Tom Gregory, Gus Gregory, Walter Gregory.
Photograph Gregory John Pleasant Gregory holding two sons by his first wife, Mary Elizabeth Petty Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Jathan Robert Pharris Gregory and John Pleasant Gregory (with cane). Photo before 1930.
Photograph Gregory Myra Adeline "Addie" Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Nannie Sue Gregory.
Photograph Gregory William Joseph Gregory with wife, Lois Kelly Gregory.
Photograph Gregory W. J. Gregory, Jr. and Lois Kelly Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Walter Clyde Gregory.
Photograph Gregory William Daily Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Hulda Magnolia Rorex Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Lucille and Arnold Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Maude Ann Gregory.
Photograph Gregory William Joseph Gregory, Jr.
Photograph Gregory James Jathan Gregory II, Family in 1920. James, wife Julia, children: Seth, Lucia, Estelle, Marie, Mildred, and Loris.
Photograph Gregory Maude Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Rossie Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Tom Lee Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Tom Lee Gregory.
Photograph Gregory William Joseph Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Maude and Tom Gregory with Georgia Magnolia Hill.
Photograph Gregory May and Maude Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Conway Gregory with Ruby Wheat.
Photograph Gregory Conway Gregory (middle), Boyd Wade (right), with unidentified man (left) inside Conway Gregory's cotton gin at Spring Place, 1961 or 1962.
Photograph Gregory Tom and Louise Gregory, Chatsworth, 1980s.
Photograph Gregory James Henry Gregory (1870-1906) and Mary "Molly" Leonard Hughes (1875-1962). They were married Dec. 22, 1896.
Photograph Gregory Seth Alexander Gregory (1845-1915). Civil War veteran. Was Private in Co. H, 63rd Tennessee Infantry. Married Hulda Magnolia Rorex. He is buried in Harrison's Chapel Cemetery, Murray County.
Photograph Gregory Ann Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Huse Gregory.
Photograph Gregory Ella (Peeples) Gregory, Sumach.
Photograph Gregory Seth Alexander Gregory
Photograph Griffin Rev. W. U. Griffin, Sumach. Photo 1907.
Photograph Groves Annie Pauline "Polly" (Moreland) Groves.
Photograph Groves W. C. Groves. William Cast known as Bill. Civil War Veteran. 1849-1942. Was Sheriff for 6 years about 1900. Later Justice of the Peace in Doolittle District. He was Murray County's last Confederate veteran to die–in 1942.
Photograph Groves W. C. Groves in later years. Same man as above.
Photograph Groves William Cast Groves, Jr., known as "Billy." 1921-1993. Son of W. C. Groves above. Elected Mayor of Chatsworth in 1944. Research shortly after his election determined that he was the youngest mayor of any town in the United States.
Photograph Groves Billy Groves, at age 24, the youngest mayor in the U.S. Photo at Chatsworth, January 24, 1945. Mayor's office was then in the Courthouse
Photograph Gryder Minnie (Blankenship) Gryder, Spring Place.
Photograph Guerin Alfred & Johanna Guerin, Sumach, 1987.
Photograph Guess Ena Pearl Gregory Guess.
Photograph Hall Drury Tony Hall. 1859-1896. Lived in Bloody Eighth.
Photograph Hall Lee and Mary E. "Mamie" (Bramblett) Hall, on their wedding day, February 24, 1913.
Photograph Hall Martha Hall and Cora Hall.
Photograph Hall Thomas P. Hall, Doctor at Spring Place. 1837-1904.
Photograph Hall William A. P. Hall, from the Bloody Eighth. Served in the Confederate Army.
Photograph Hall J. Frank Hall. Sumach. Upon his death, timber from his lands were sold and proceeds paid for much of the county's first hospital.
Photograph Hall Frank Hall with Georgia McGaha (?) who later became his wife. Photo taken at Cohutta Springs in 1934.
Photograph Hannah Mattie Hannah, Spring Place, 1909.
Photograph Hannah Chester and Mamie (Tucker) Hannah, 1931
Photograph Hansird Henry Boyd Hansird (1917-1997). Worked at talc mill.
Photograph Hansird Willie Albert Hansird (1895-1927).
Photograph Harper John Harper, convicted of killing Sheriff Ben Keith.
Photograph Harper Rev. Frank Harper, Free Hope.
Photograph Harris Mattie Harris, Sumach, 1980s.
Photograph Harris Oma Lee Harris, Crandall, mid-1990s.
Photograph Harris Anne Harris.
Photograph Harris Florida Harris, Spring Place, 1909.
Photograph Harris Miss Carrie Harris, Sumach.
Photograph Harris Nelson Harris, Sumach.
Photograph Harris Miniard and Dicy (Daugherty) Harris, photo from 1880s. They lived at Woodlawn (present day Fashion).
Photograph Harris Martha Ann (Harris), about 1930s
Photograph Harris John Fletcher Harris
Photograph Harris Mattie Cooley Harris
Photograph Harrison Effie (Miles) Harrison, photo 1999, Free Hope
Photograph Harrison Joe Harrison, Murray County man killed in World War I
Photograph Harrison Joe N. Harrison, first Murray soldier killed in World War I.
Photograph Hartley Mrs. Johnnie Hartley, Eton
Photograph Hawkins Hawkins Garage Team in 1948-49. Front Row: unknown, Glitzen Hawkins, Mickey Long. 2nd Row: Billy Bearden, Malvin Townsend, Bo Bledsoe; Raymond Groves, Hubert Rouse, Calvin Townsend, Rembert Townsend.
Photograph Hawkins Aughtie Hawkins (June 14, 1916 - Dec. 31, 1993). Daughter of Lester and Sallie (Smith) Hawkins. Photo about 1932.
Photograph Hawkins Genevie Hawkins. Daughter of Lester and Sallie (Smith) Hawkins. Photo about 1935.
Photograph Hawkins John B. Hawkins, son of Lester and Sallie (Smith) Hawkins. Enlisted July 13, 1942. Discharged in 1945.
Photograph Hawkins Lester Hawkins (June 1, 1892 - Jan. 20, 1963). Photo about 1925.
Photograph Hawkins Sallie (Smith) Hawkins (Oct. 2, 1896 - Dec. 26, 1972). Photo about 1938.
Photograph Hawkins Lester Hawkins (see above) and Sallie (Smith) Hawkins (see above). About 1925.
Photograph Hawkins Mary Belle Hawkins (married Smith) (Jan. 26, 1923 - Apr. 8, 2008). Daughter of Lester and Sallie (Smith) Hawkins. Picture about 1944.
Photograph Hawkins Tim Hawkins (Jan. 17, 1925 - Jan. 23, 1971). Son of Lester and Sallie (Smith) Hawkins. Photo about 1943.
Photograph Hawkins W. L. Hawkins, Jr., (May 5, 1919 - May 13, 2007). Son of Lester and Sallie (Smith) Hawkins. Enlisted Oct. 1943. Discharged Dec. 1945. Photo from 1944.
Photograph Hawkins John Thompson Hawkins holding Lutie, standing Nelia Pearl, seated Onie, Julia (Caylor) Hawkins holding Marvin, and Annie Hawkins.
Photograph Hawkins Hawkins Sisters: (L-R) Leona, Lutie, Annie, and Nelia. Picture taken about 1940.
Photograph Hawkins Hawkins Reunion (1955). Front row, left to right: Sadie Hawkins Osborn Wilson; Lester Hawkins; Pearl Hawkins Brindle; Henry Hawkins. Back row: Luke Hawkins; Bessie Lee Hawkins Brindle; John Hawkins; Tassie Hawkins Hall, and Necie Hawkins Brindle.
Photograph Hawkins Genevie Hawkins, 1949.
Photograph Hawkins Aughtie Hawkins, (1916-1992). Taught at MCHS early 1940s. Then worked for federal government in Washington, D.C.
Photograph Hawkins Hawkins Family, sons and daughter of John & Sybil, who lived south of Spring Place. Frank, Roy, Ruth (married "Bo" Young), Vernon, and Glenn, Hawkins, Sr.
Photograph Hawkins Frank B. Hawkins, son of John & Sybil Hawkins, with his wife, Mary Summers Hawkins, daughter of Dan Charles Summers and Vernie May Brown Summers.
Photograph Hawkins Glenn Hawkins with wife, Tommie Yancy Hawkins.
Photograph Hawkins "Grandma" Sybil Gray Hawkins, wife of John Chester Hawkins. She was mother of Glenn, Roy, Vernon, and Frank Hawkins, also of Ruth Hawkins Young.
Photograph Hawkins John Chester Hawkins and wife Sybil Gray Hawkins.
Photograph Hawkins Julia Walker Hawkins and Steve Alexander.
Photograph Hawkins Roy and Frank Hawkins at Conniston Railroad Depot near Carters, photo approximately 1907. Note that a railroad car was used as that depot.
Photograph Hawkins Roy Hawkins and his son.
Photograph Hawkins Ruth Hawkins Young with her daughter, Wanda Young Wilson.
Photograph Hawkins Vernon Hawkins with his daughter, Karen.
Photograph Hayes Rev. Charlie Hayes, Sumach, 1950s
Photograph Headrick William Mitchell Headrick (Apr. 2, 1912-March 25, 1989) with wife, Leah Geneva (Willis) Headrick (March 12, 1915-May 23, 2008).
Photograph Headrick Leah Headrick at her 90th birthday celebration in 2005.
Photograph Henderson Carl Ollie Henderson, niece Amazonia, her son, Alvin. 1940.
Photograph Henry William Leach Henry, Sumach.
Photograph Henry Samuel Houston and Rossie Ann (Harris) Henry. He organized and/or served nine churches, including Sumach Cumberland Presbyterian. He established the Sumach Seminary. Appointed first Murray County School Commissioner in 1873, served till his death in 1905.
Photograph Hickey Sam and Altha (Swanson) Hickey, Cool Springs, about 1900
Photograph Hickey Sam Hickey (center), Joe Gregory, Berry Hickey, Sam Tremier, at Hampton Shoe Shop, Cohutta Springs, 1912 or 1913
Photograph Hickey William Berry (Bill) Hickey and Lydia Eugene (Liddie) (Wilbanks) Hickey, Cool Springs, early 1920s
Photograph Higdon Second Lieutenant Conway C. Higdon (Connie), from Cisco. He was killed in an airplane incident in Italy, Aug. 31, 1944.
Photograph Hill George H. Hill (1921-1943). Killed in World War II. Son of Milligan and Savannah Hill.
Photograph Hill George H. Hill (see preceding)
Photograph Hill Isaac Milligan and Sarah Savannah (Brown) Hill. Sumach area.
Photograph Hill Sons & daughters of Milligan and Savannah Hill. George was killed in World War II, not pictured here. Left to right: Robert H. (Bob) Hill; (Mary) Lou Hill Snow; James (Monre) Hill; Luke (Christopher) Hill.
Photograph Hill Lawrence and Mamie (Scott) Hill, 1983 photo, Free Hope
Photograph Hill Miss Lucy Hill, 1895
Photograph Hilley Jennie V. (Hilley) Hill and Lena Mae (Hilley) Wilbanks, Spring Place.
Photograph Holland Margaret Cain Plemons Holland, son John Henry Holland, and daughter Addie Holland. Lived at Spring Place. Picture from about 1905.
Photograph Honey C. B. Honey
Photograph Howard Annie Laurie (Brown) Howard celebrating her 95th birthday.
Photograph Howard Frank and Mary (Welch) Howard, picture around 1940.
Photograph Howard Jim and Odetta (Bramblett) Howard, Spring Place, picture taken on their wedding day, July 4, 1953, New Hope Church.
Photograph Howard Nancy Jane (Hill) Howard. Second wife of Stephen John Howard. Born 1847, died 1916.
Photograph Howard Stephen John Howard, Spring Place, Confederate Veteran. Photo from around 1890. Husband to Nancy Jane (Hill) Howard (his second marriage). Born 1837, died 1899.
Photograph Howard Mrs. Annie Lauri Brown Howard, 1960s
Photograph Huffman James Garfield "Jim" Huffman, husband of Lula Johnson and Artie Dunn Huffman, father of George, Jack, Ruthie Huffman Cagle, Barbara Huffman Hooker and Jay Huffman. The front page of The Chatsworth Times, Oct. 28, 1920, contained the following:

"Petty Kills Huffman in Row Over Whisky.

Tragedy Occurs at Still Near Ball Gound Church–Petty Still at Large. Ed Petty shot and Killed Jim Huffman at a still one mile north of Ball Ground Church and about a quarter from the homes of the two parties Wednesday morning between 10 and 11 o'clock.

There were three or four eye witnesses to the tragedy, and as far as can be learned at this time the shooting was a result of a quarrel between the men over the accusation by Huffman that Petty had stolen a quantity of liquor from Huffman."
Photograph Howell Lula Howell, Spring Place, 1909.
Photograph Ingle Thurman Ingle
Photograph Jackson John Morris Jackson, Major, Confederate Army, photo 1862. Born Nov. 1, 1827. Died Aug. 31, 1864, Battle of Jonesboro, Ga. One of 6 Murray County brothers who served in Confederate Army, sons of William and Lucy White (Morris) Jackson.
Photograph Jackson Joseph Franklin Ballinger (J.F.B.) Jackson, Lt. Col., Confederate Army. Photo 1862. Born Jan. 31, 1830. Died Jan. 14, 1912. One of 6 Murray County brothers who served in Confederate Army, sons of William and Lucy White (Morris) Jackson.
Photograph Jackson Thomas A. Jackson, Second Lieutenant, Confederate Army. Photo 1862. Born Oct. 1, 1836. Died March 14, 1869. One of 6 Murray County brothers who served in Confederate Army, sons of William and Lucy White (Morris) Jackson.
Photograph Jackson Eppy William Jackson, Captain, Confederate Army. Photo 1862. Born March 2, 1838. Died Aug. 30, 1862, Battle of Manassas (Virginia). One of 6 Murray County brothers who served in Confederate Army, sons of William and Lucy White (Morris) Jackson.
Photograph Jackson Benjamin Floyd Jackson, Corporal, Confederate Army. Photo 1862. Born Feb. 25, 1845. Died Sept. 21, 1863 at Battle of Chickamauga (Georgia). One of 6 Murray County brothers who served in Confederate Army, sons of William and Lucy White (Morris) Jackson.
Photograph Jackson William White ("John") Jackson, First Lieutenant, Confederate Army. Photo 1862. Born April 18, 1840. Died Jan. 31, 1905. One of 6 Murray County brothers who served in Confederate Army, sons of William and Lucy White (Morris) Jackson.
Photograph Jackson Joseph Franklin Ballenger Jackson, about 1890
Photograph Jefferson Kate Lynn Jefferson with "Brownie" in 1926
Photograph Jinkins Richard Jefferson Jinkins (1819-1900) Civil War Veteran. He was in Co. E, 12th Georgia Cavalry. He is buried in Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Murray County.
Photograph Jenkins John Jenkins.
Photograph Jinkins Carolyn Jinkins (center) and Ruth Springfield.
Photograph Jinkins From center to right: Luke Jinkins, Paul Dover, Oscar Jinkins, and Osborne Jinkins.
Photograph Johnson Jean Johnson, Crandall, about 1996.
Photograph Jones Benjamin Franklin Jones, Jr. (Beedie).
Photograph Jones B. F. Jones, Sr., and wife, Martha (Greeson) Jones. Charter members of Free Hope Baptist Church.
Photograph Jones Lucy Idella (McHan) Jones.
Photograph Jones Benjamin Franklin Jones, Jr., and wife Susie Jones.
Photograph Jones Benjamin Franklin Jones, Jr., was known as Bedie Jones.
Photograph Jones Jones Family Group. Seated: Susie Owens Wade Jones (stepmother) holding Martha Jones & Leroy Jones; Benjamin Franklin Jones, Jr., holding Lamar Combee. Standing First row: Mary Ruth Jones Maddron & Cecil Lee Jones. Second row: Robert Franklin Jones, Fred Jones, Polly (Pauline) Jones Mallett, and Ruby Lee Jones Combee. Third Row: Benjamin Ray Jones, Paul Mallett, Glenn Combee, Aileen Jones, and James Vernon Jones.
Photograph Jones Idella (McHan) Jones.
Photograph Jones C. L. Jones, World War II.
Photograph Jones Lester & Pearl (Davis) Jones, with son, C. L. Jones, his wife, Ella.
Photograph Jones Dr. Stanton Jones, World War I photo
Photograph Jones F. M. And Cleo (Bates) Jones. Photo late 1870s.
Photograph Jones Stanton Jones (center) and Hill Jones were brothers. Stanton served in the Army and Hill joined the Navy, Photo 1918.
Photograph Jones Annie Jones, picture 1999, Free Hope
Photograph Jones Effie (Wheat) Jones, (widow of John Jones), 1983 photo, Free Hope
Photograph Jones Dr. F. M. Jones, Eton, about 1906
Photograph Jones Mrs. Alwayne Jones, Chatsworth.
Photograph Keener Bud S. Keener (1913-1944) was son of John W. and Martha Keener of the Doogan area. Bud was killed in action in World War II, Belgium, December 22, 1944.
Photograph Keith William W. & Nadine Keith, Eton, 1980s.
Photograph Keith Lennie (Love) and Amos Keith.
Photograph Keith C. C. Keith of Eton with 6 of his children. Photo from 1920s. Front, center to right: Pauline Keith Young, Rowena Keith Harris, Cam Keith Harris. Middle, Will Keith, Lena Keith Julian. Back, C. C. Keith and George Keith.
Photograph Keith Sheriff Ben Keith, Spring Place, about 1905
Photograph Keith C. C. Keith, Eton, about 1906
Photograph Kelly Sam Kelly, one of the founders of Chatsworth
Photograph Kelly Mary Kelly, 1936
Photograph Kemp Miss Agnes Kemp, Spring Place, 1980s ?
Photograph Kilgore Joseph Avington Kilgore (1896-1918). Killed-in-action in France in World War I. Buried New Hope - Kilgore Cemetery. Son of Beau and Sarah Kilgore.
Photograph King Wesley King (1897-1913).
Photograph Kitchen H. C. & Mary Kitchen, owned pharmacy
Photograph Kriescher Elizabeth "Lizzie" Kriescher, about 1915.
Photograph Lane William Claude Lane, wife Loris Magnolia Gregory Lane, 1926.
Photograph Langford Jack Langford (1915-1945). Killed in action, World War II, Jan. 4, 1945, in Belgium.
Photograph Langford Jack Langford (right) with unidentified buddy.
Photograph Langston Biddie (Ballew) Langston, Born 1910, died 1995.
Photograph Leach Dr. Thomas Leach.
Photograph Leamon Leamon Hotel in Texas about 1900. Annie Plemons Leamon, John Henry Holland.
Photograph Leamon Annie Plemons Leamon (seated), Samuel (left), James William Leamon, Maude Leamon.
Photograph Leamon Samuel R. Leamon, born in Murray County, Feb. 6, 1886.
Photograph Leamon Sam and Bess Leamon.
Photograph Leamon Robert Leamon. Picture probably around 1880.
Photograph Leonard Florence (Bearden) Leonard, photo 1999, Free Hope
Photograph Leonard J. T. Leonard, early 1940s
Photograph Leonard Joe Leonard, Sr.
Photograph Leonard Mattie Campbell Leonard, children: Joe Leonard, Jr., and Virginia Leonard. Late 1930s or early 1940s.
Photograph Lewis William Jefferson & Lucy Jane (Craft) Lewis, with children Effie, Lora, and Roscoe. William was son of Miles W. Lewis, who died in Battle at Gettysburg, 1863.
Photograph Logan Hershel Logan.
Photograph Long Sam Long, daughter Bertha, wife Violet.
Photograph Long Amie Long (right), with sister, Annie, about 1925.
Photograph Loughridge Etta (Dickey) and J. P. Loughridge.
Photograph Loughridge Colonel Benjamin Loughridge. Photo about 1860s. He married Lucinda Cleveland. He died in Murray in 1877.
Photograph Loughridge Maria Eugenia Loughridge, married Amos Ladd Keith, Photo taken in 1890s near Eton.
Photograph Loughridge James G. and Martha Ann (Harris) Loughridge
Photograph Loughridge James George Alexander Loughridge, about 1860
Photograph Lowe Daniel "Harlin" and Delia Ann (Taylor) Lowe, on wedding day, October 5, 1903.
Photograph Lowery William Franklin Lowery and Dovie Ella (Weaver) Lowery, 1920s
Photograph Luffman Colonel William Luffman, Confederate Army, probably in 1863 or 1864.
Photograph Luffman Homer and Buelah (Thornton) Luffman, Free Hope Community, 1970s.
Photograph Luffman John and Maude (McHan) Luffman, about 1955. Free Hope Community.
Photograph Luffman Steve and Georgia (Bowen) Luffman, Free Hope Community, 1978.
Photograph Lyles Rev. Oscar Lyles (1896-1989).
Photograph Maddox G. I. Maddox, 1960s
Photograph Malone Lee Riley and Delia (Welch) Malone.
Photograph Martin Glenn Martin, Murray's most highly decorated soldier of World War II. On June 8, 1944, during the D-Day invasion of France, Pvt. Martin rescued and carried a badly wounded officer to safety. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation's second highest honor for heroism. June 15, 2007, was celebrated as Glenn Martin Day in Murray County.
Photograph Martin Glenn Martin with his mother.
Photograph Martin Axlis Martin.
Photograph Martin Carl Martin.
Photograph Massey Wilodyne Massey, Crandall, mid-1990s.
Photograph Mathis Doug & Pat Mathis, Sumach, 1993.
Photograph Mathis Virgil and Minnie Mathis with son, Hertis. Little Murray, 1914.
Photograph Mauldin Ruth Kemp Mauldin Holcomb, born in the Vann House in 1911, returned to celebrate her 100th birthday there, October 2011. Photo by Benny Huggins.
Photograph Mauldin Ruth Kemp Mauldin Holcomb with Murray County's official Historian, Tim Howard. The Vann House, October 2011. Photo by Benny Huggins.
Photograph Mauldin Ruth Kemp Mauldin Holcomb with daughter, Lucia Eastham, Son, Lawrence (seated), and Kemp (standing). At Vann House, October 2011 to celebrate Ruth's 100th birthday. Photo by Benny Huggins.
Photograph McBrayer James McBrayer (right), Coach C. W. Bradley (left), with Jack Dempsey (center). Photo taken in New York City, 1961.
Photograph McCamy Delaney Whittemore McCamy and Mary Delia McCamy Gregory, ca 1945.
Photograph McCamy Flossie McCamy, Sumach, 1996.
Photograph McCamy Lela McCamy, Sumach, 1982.
Photograph McCamy Mildred McCamy, Crandall, early 1990s.
Photograph McCamy Troy and Cecile McCamy, Sumach, early 1980s.
Photograph McCamy Mamie McCamy (married Gregory) and sister Ann McCamy (married McNeely).
Photograph McDaniel Carlton and Henrietta McDaniel, 2013 picture.
Photograph McDaniel Elmer McDaniel, 1940-1955. Son of Amie McDaniel. Attended Spring Place Grammar School. Was first Murray County student to die in a school bus accident. Buried in Spring Place Cemetery.
Photograph McGhee James and Annice (Harper) McGhee with son Harold, Spring Place
Photograph McGinty J. F. McGinty
Photograph McGinty Franklin Alexander McGinty (1912-1943) died when his ship, USS Plymouth, was sunk by a German submarine off the North Carolina Coast. Son of John Roy (Sr.) and Emma (Thomas) McGinty of Chatsworth.
Photograph McGinty J. Roy McGinty, Sr. and his father, Chatsworth, 1920s
Photograph McHan May Leonard McHan.
Photograph McHan Joel and Jack McHan, Taylor McHan, and Jim Luffman in yard of home of George McHan at Gladden Springs. Probably 1930s.
Photograph McHan George McHan, World War I, Free Hope Community.
Photograph McHan Jack and Inez (Brown) McHan, 1947 photo. Free Hope Community.
Photograph McHan Jack and Inez (Brown) McHan, Free Hope Community.
Photograph McHan Joel Etheredge McHan, 1948, Free Hope Community.
Photograph McHan Maurine (McHan) (Bayley) Bivins, 1978, Free Hope Community.
Photograph McHan George Marshall McHan & Pearl Pauline (Gordon) McHan, photo around 1943, Free Hope
Photograph McHan Lenora McHan, 1928 photo, Free Hope
Photograph McHan Mack and Tennie Beatrie (Taylor) McHan
Photograph McHan Mack McHan, Free Hope Community, World War I photo.
Photograph McNeeley Rossie McNeeley, Sumach, 1980s.
Photograph McNeely James H. McNeely, Andelina McCamy McNeely, Rossie Mae McNeely, and Verna Gregory, ca 1915.
Photograph McNeely Rossie and Angeline McNeely.
Photograph Moore DeEtte Moore and Maurine McHan at Free Hope Church. Probably about 1940.
Photograph Moore Rev. Rembert and DeEtte (Greeson) Moore, Free Hope Community, 1970s.
Photograph Moore Horace & Lena Moore
Photograph Moore John Moore. Picture from 1890s.
Photograph Moore Catherine (Watson) Moore (1826-1899).
Photograph Moreland Henry Walker Moreland, wife Janie Clements Moreland and Zula Mae Moreland (1898-1998). Zula married Lemuel Frank Dillard.
Photograph Moreland Carolyn Miller Moreland.
Photograph Moreland William Henry Moreland, Sr., wife Mary Henrietta Caroline (Wells) Moreland, and their eldest son, James Claude Moreland, in 1899.
Photograph Moreland William Henry Moreland, Jr., and Mary Opal (Wells) Moreland, about 1960.
Photograph Moreland Mary Opal (Wells) Moreland.
Photograph Moreland Henry Walker Moreland (1874-1954) with wife, Louisa Jane (Clements) Moreland (1874-1948), and dog "Billy."
Photograph Moreland Jasper Newton and Lavice Moreland with grandchildren about 1908. Left to right: Hubert Stanford, Connie Stanford, J. N. Moreland, Zula Moreland, Lavice Moreland, Eakes Stanford, Grace Moreland.
Photograph Moreland Evelyn Terry Moreland, Chatsworth
Photograph Moreland Mr. & Mrs. Jasper Moreland. Photo from 1870s or 1880s. He sold land upon which Chatsworth was built.
Photograph Morris Elias Camp Morris, born a slave in Murray County, Georgia, 1855. In 1884 he helped found a college that now is known as Arkansas Baptist College. Served as pastor of Centennial Baptist Church in Helena, Arkansas for more than 40 years. Was elected President of the National Baptist Convention, with 5,000,000 members, the largest deliberative body of Negroes in the world.
Photograph Mullinax Family of William and Penelope Mullinax about 1904. Back: Thadius Pickett Mullinax and Charlotte Lucinda Mullinax. Second row: Perry Key Mullinax; Penelope Neptune (Bell) Mullinax, holding Edwin; William Wesley Mullinax, holding Mary C.; and Printess Ann Mullinax.
Photograph Neal Earnest Neal, poet laureate of Georgia
Photograph Ogletree Miss Pauline Ogletree, Occupational Guidance Counselor at Murray County High School, 1934-mid-1950s. Spring Place. Photo 1945 yearbook.
Photograph Osborne Arvil Osborne, U.S. Army, 1969-70.
Photograph Osborne William Boyd Osborne, U.S. Marine Corps, 1966-67.
Photograph Owens Charles Oliver Owens Family, ca. 1910.
Photograph Owens Sarah Bedford Owens with Charles Texas Owens, early 1870s.
Photograph Owens Edd and Georgia (Bradley) Owens with Alline.
Photograph Owens Georgia L. (Bradley) Owens.
Photograph Ownby Melvin and Trunisia Ownby. Little Murray.
Photograph Pannell Charles A. Pannell, Sr. Picture dated 1976.
Photograph Panter Joe and Margaret Panter, with Tom, Minnie, and Lester, Cool Springs, 1903-04
Photograph Parker Wesley Craton Parker and Minnie E. (Panter) Parker with Lloyd Everett Parker, Cool Springs, 1919
Photograph Parson Rembert Parson.
Photograph Paul Evelyn Peeples Gregory Paul, husband Glenn F. Paul.
Photograph Pearson R. H. And Glenice (Harrison) Pearson, 1999 photo, Free Hope
Photograph Peden Clinton Peden, picture 1999, Free Hope
Photograph Peeples Myra Evelyn Gregory Peeples.
Photograph Peeples David Franklin and Ellen (Shelton) Peeples, with Isaac Mortimer Peeples
Photograph Petty Cecil and Carlton Petty, early 1920s.
Photograph Petty Cecil and Mildred (Baxter) Petty, 1940s.
Photograph Petty James Monroe (Jim) Petty, early 1900s.
Photograph Petty Family of James Monroe Petty and Lillie (Henry) Petty. (left to right), Elizabeth, Jean, Carlton, Glenn, Cecil, Lucille, Lois, Nena, Bill, Jim, and Lillie.
Photograph Petty Jim Petty, circa 1916.
Photograph Petty Wallace C. Petty, Principal, Murray County High School in 1945, when this photo was made.
Photograph Petty Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Petty, Sumach. Photo about 1910.
Photograph Pickel Ike and Mattie (Stafford) Pickel with two of their children. Early 1930s.
Photograph Pickering Mr. & Mrs. V. C. Pickering, Chatsworth, 1940
Photograph Pickering V. C. Pickering, Chatsworth
Photograph Pierce Bobby and Opal (Leonard) Pierce, 1983 photo, Free Hope
Photograph Plemons John Plemons. Served in Confederate Army.
Photograph Plemons Thomas Plemons had 3 sons in Confederate Army: Z. T. (Zack), William, and John (pictured above).
Photograph Porch Sam and Henrietta Porch, Chatsworth.
Photograph Poteet Charles & Alice (Jones) Poteet, Free Hope, picture 1990.
Photograph Pritchett Marcelle (Vaughn) Pritchett, 1999 picture, Free Hope
Photograph Pritchett Edd and Aline (Hannah) Pritchett, 1930s
Photograph Pritchett Jasper and Nancy Caroline (Wells) Pritchett. He was a Confederate Army veteran. They lived in Casey Springs Community. He died in 1893, she in 1921.
Photograph Quarles Steve Johnson Quarles (1905-1990) and Irene (Charles) Quarles (1908-1997).
Photograph Queen Annie Queen. Photo about 1915-1918.
Photograph Ramhurst Ramhurst Lumber Company, about 1912. Names unknown.
Photograph Ramhurst Ramhurst Rounders, in front of Middleton Store about 1918-1920. Group included Homer Adams, _____Leonard, John Smith, Russell Middleton, Bill Bradley, Martin Bradley, Grady Wood, and Andrew Middleton. Unable to match names to the photo.
Photograph Reed Jack and Joyce Reed, Crandall, early 1990s.
Photograph Rice Auburn and Harriett (Buckner) Rice, 1944 photo, Chatsworth
Photograph Rickett W. H. and Ellen (McCamy) Rickett, Sumach.
Photograph Ridley Herman Ridley and Hoyt Lance. At Free Hope Church. Probably about 1940.
Photograph Ridley Hoyt & Kathleen (Davis) Ridley.
Photograph Ridley Herman and Polly (Brown) Ridley, Free Hope, picture 1999.
Photograph Ridley Elbert and Ibie (Pritchett) Ridley, 1999 photo, Free Hope
Photograph Ridley Opal (Hall) Ridley, photo 1983, Free Hope
Photograph Ridley Rev. Gene and Opal (Hall) Ridley, Free Hope Community.
Photograph Roberts Annie Mae (Smith) Roberts (Dec. 16, 1914 - July 7, 1980). Picture from 1920.
Photograph Robinson Nora Townsend Robinson, a life-long resident of Spring Place. Widely known as "Aunt Nora" she was a sister to Pearl Smith. Photo taken 1962.
Photograph Ross John Ross, Cherokee Chief for whom Rossville is named. When Murray was created, it included that area. The Cherokees elected Ross as their principal chief in every election from 1828 through 1860.
Photograph Ross Loren Ross.
Photograph Ross Harley and Dorothy (Varnell) Ross, Chatsworth
Photograph Ross Ruth (Treadwell) Ross, 1999, Free Hope
Photograph Satterfield C. L. Satterfield, Chatsworth.
Photograph Scott Alice (Hill) Scott, Free Hope. She gave the land upon which the current Free Hope Church was built.
Photograph Seabold Hoyt Seabold, game warden, patrolled mountains of both Murray and Fannin Counties in 1930s and 1940s.
Photograph Sexton "Miss Willie Mae" (Pritchett) Sexton, taught school at Spring Place for more than 50 years.
Photograph Sexton "Miss Willie Mae" Pritchett Sexton, Spring Place, 1980s ?
Photograph Shields Lelan Shields with wife Dellar, daughter Roberta. Lelan (1915-1944) was son of Lorenza and Fannie Mae Shields. He was married to Della Mae Keener. Lelan was killed in World War II, Belgium, December 11, 1944.
Photograph Shields Shields, daughters of Lelan and Dellar: Alvajean, Roberta, Bonnie.
Photograph Shields Pfc. Robert Shields (1924-44). Son of Stanton and Jessie Shields of Tennga. Robert was assigned to an Army engineering unit that worked with explosives. While blasting rock on Hunter Liggett Military Reservation in California, a chunk of rock accidentally hit him in the head, killing him instantly. He died April 4, 1944, one of Murray's World War II dead.
Photograph Shriner Charles Shriner, Spring Place, 1910
Photograph Singleton Walter and Fannie Lula (Bright) Singleton, daughter Nancy Frances Singleton. About 1909.
Photograph Sitton Robert and Jeannett (Duvall) Sitton, picture 1999, Free Hope
Photograph Smith Virgil Smith (Apr. 20, 1901 - Dec. 20, 1970) and Bill Smith, (Mar. 3, 1903 - Nov. 5, 1968) of Spring Place. Picture taken at Spring Place in 1955.
Photograph Smith From left, Delaney Holloway with James Smith, Emma Holloway Smith (Dec. 6, 1917 - Feb. 1, 2006) holding Patricia Smith (married Gillean) (Jan 16, 1938 - Nov. 18, 2007), Doroth Mae Smith (married Reeve) and Bill Smith (Mar. 3, 1903 - Nov. 5, 1968). Picture taken at Smith Homeplace at Spring Place in 1939.
Photograph Smith Emma (Holloway) Smith (Dec. 6, 1917 - Feb. 1, 2006) and Bill Smith (Mar. 3, 1903 - Nov. 5, 1968). Pictured in 1950 at Spring Place.
Photograph Smith Children of Tim and Pearl Smith of Spring Place in 1943. Eula Martha Smith (married Martin) (Feb. 13, 1916 - June 29, 1964); Effie Lee Smith (married Whitson) (June 5, 1903 - Sep. 24, 2002); Jimmie Lon Smith (married Argo); and Virgil Smith (Apr. 20, 1901 - Dec. 20, 1970).
Photograph Smith Tim Smith (Dec. 20, 1863 - Mar 9, 1933) with sister, Sarah (Smith) Moody (Mar. 10, 1863 - Dec. 20, 1928). Photo taken in 1928 at Spring Place.
Photograph Smith Lillie Pearl (Townsend) Smith (Aug. 3, 1881 - Oct. 11, 1974). Photo at Spring Place, 1940.
Photograph Smith Tim Smith (Dec. 20, 1863 - March 9, 1933) and Lillie Pearl (Townsend) Smith (Aug. 3, 1881 - Oct. 11, 1974). Picture at Spring Place, 1932.
Photograph Smith Mr. & Mrs. Lee Smith. Photo from 1890.
Photograph Sneed Hugh Sneed.
Photograph Springfield Ruth Springfield (right) and Carolyn Jinkins.
Photograph Springfield Steed and Evelyn Springfield
Photograph Stafford (Left to right) Harold, Warren, Paulette, and Leonard Stafford.
Photograph Stafford Staffords, Coot (left) and Sam (right).
Photograph Stafford Daisy (Cantrell) Stafford and Jim Stafford, 1935-40.
Photograph Stafford Frank Anderson Stafford, about 1950.
Photograph Stafford Frank Stafford and Nelia Pearl (Hawkins) Stafford on their wedding day, August 1, 1920.
Photograph Stafford Florida (Brown) Stafford and Darryl (son of Sam Stafford).
Photograph Stafford Marion Taylor Stafford.
Photograph Stafford Marion Taylor and Florida Jane (Brown) Stafford with grandchildren. Picture was taken on hill south-side of Fairy Valley Cemetery, before 1939.
Photograph Stafford Marion Taylor and Florida Jane (Brown) Stafford, before 1939.
Photograph Stafford Paul Leonard Stafford. World War II, on his way to duty in France and Germany.
Photograph Stafford Paul Leonard Stafford. 1941.
Photograph Stafford Pearlie, Coot, and Barbara Stafford. About 1960.
Photograph Stafford Sam and Susie (Harden) Stafford. Little Murray.
Photograph Stafford William Morgan "Bob" Stafford.
Photograph Standridge Walter Standridge, holding horses at a Grassy Mountain logging camp around 1920.
Photograph Standridge Chris Standridge, at Jack's River, around 1912.
Photograph Steiner Rev. Abraham Steiner, early 1800s. Founded Springplace Moravian Mission.
Photograph Sitton King Sitton.
Photograph Swilling Flora Swilling, Crandall, 1996.
Photograph Swilling Jerry & Trudy Swilling, Chatsworth.
Photograph Tankersley James Edward Tankersley, Major, US Air Force, died when a private plane he was piloting crashed at Dalton, Ga., airport, May 7, 1970.
Photograph Tankersley Carl Tim Tankersley, Sergeant, US Army, was killed in plane crash, May 7, 1970, Dalton Airport.
Photograph Temple J. D. Temple, Spring Place
Photograph Temple Virginia (Heartsell) Temple, Spring Place
Photograph Terry Georgia Elmyra Gregory Terry.
Photograph Terry Huse B. Terry, 1916-1942, son of Grover and Addie (Pendley) Terry, was the First Murray man to die in World War II.
Photograph Thompson Mildred Thompson, ca 1930.
Photograph Thompson Fred Thompson and wife.
Photograph Thompson Edd and Irene Thompson.
Photograph Thompson Edd Thompson.
Photograph Thompson Edd Thompson.
Photograph Thompson Edd Thompson.
Photograph Thompson Irene Thompson.
Photograph Thompson Edd and Irene Thompson's young children.
Photograph Thompson Margaret Naomi Rorex Thompson.
Photograph Thompson Mildred and Edd Thompson.
Photograph Thompson Monnie Coulter Thompson.
Photograph Thompson Edd Thompson, Navy.
Photograph Thompson Thompsons: Fred, John, Edd, Irene, and Monnie.
Photograph Thompson Fred Thompson and wife.
Photograph Thompson John Thompson and Maude Gregory.
Photograph Thompson Frances Thompson, Sumach, 1981.
Photograph Thompson Clifford Thompson, convicted of murder. Photo late 1920s in Murray County Jail.
Photograph Thompson Marion Thompson, New Hope community
Photograph Thornton Rev. T. P. Thornton on porch of his home near Free Hope Church. Photo 1940s.
Photograph Thornton Hattie Thornton, wife of T. P., with some of Keith Thornton's children: Jo Carol holding a baby, Benny and LeAlice. Free Hope Community. Photo about 1950.
Photograph Thornton Ben Keith (Sr.) and Pauline (Luffman) Thornton, Free Hope Community, 1972.
Photograph Thornton Rev. Thomas Presley and Hattie (Plemons) Thornton, Free Hope Community, 1949.
Photograph Tibbs Colonel William H. Tibbs, 1906, Spring Place. The last surviving member of the Confederate Congress.
Photograph Townsend Billy Townsend, Photo extracted from 1948-49 group picture of Chatsworth Baseball team.
Photograph Townsend Buel Townsend, Photo extracted from 1948-49 group picture of Chatsworth Baseball team.
Photograph Townsend Twins Calvin and Malvin Townsend, photo extracted from 1948-49 group picture of Chatsworth Baseball team.
Photograph Townsend Rembert Townsend, photo extracted from 1948-49 group picture of Chatsworth Baseball team.
Photograph Vann Sally Vann, daughter of Joseph Vann, born at Spring Place prior to 1835.
Photograph Vann William Vann, son of Joseph Vann, born at Spring Place prior to 1835.
Photograph Vann Joseph Vann, Springplace, about 1815
Photograph Venable James M. Venable, about 1850
Photograph Vining Lucille (Gordon) Vining.
Photograph Vining Lucile (Gordon) Vining
Photograph Wade Boyd Wade strapping a bale of cotton into the cotton press in Conway Gregory's cotton gin at Spring Place, 1961 or 1962.
Photograph Wade Boyd Wade (right) with Conway Gregory (middle), and unidentified man (left) inside Conway Gregory's cotton gin at Spring Place, 1961 or 1962.
Photograph Walls Mattie Lou Walls, Spring Place, 1909.
Photograph Walls Jessie (Jones)Walls, 1983 photo, Free Hope
Photograph Waterhouse Euclid and Cornelia (Townes) Waterhouse.
Photograph Wheat Frances Wheat, Crandall, mid-1990s.
Photograph Weber Webers: Paul, J. P., Rube, and Robert Weber.
Photograph Weber Rhuben "Rube" Weber. Little Murray.
Photograph Weber Willie Mae Weber at Campbell Mill, 1919.
Photograph Welch Miles M. Welch, 1837-1917
Photograph Wells Daughters of Jasper Mashburn Wells & Molly Hill Wells. Picture taken shortly before 1922. Front row: Jessie Mae (married Watts), Agnes Claire "Prim" (married Sprayberry), Edyth Mashburn, Posey Franklin (married Bradley/Petty). Back row: Daisy Lee and Willie Belle Wells.
Photograph Wells Daughters of Ernest and Maggie Wells: Jean Wells Cole, Opal Wells Moreland, Winona Wells Harris, and Jenevelyn Wells.
Photograph Wells Ernest Arlan Wells.
Photograph Wells Ernest Arlan Wells, the everyday version.
Photograph Wells Ernest Arlan Wells and Maggie Beatrice (Bradley) Wells on the right, taken their wedding day, Oct. 12, 1913. On left, Bessie Mae Davis and Parks Adams.
Photograph Wells Jenevelyn Wells.
Photograph Wells Maggie Beatrice (Bradley) Wells.
Photograph Westfield Frank Westfield, Frances Westfield, Lois Westfield, Julia Mae (Quarles) Westfield, and Ann Anderson in Quarles & Westfield General Store, Chatsworth, 1929
Photograph Westmoreland Westmoreland Siblings, center to right: Essie Westmoreland, Sarah Lou (Westmoreland) Kilgore, Henry James Westmoreland, Mary Nell Westmoreland, and Willie Jo Westmoreland. Photo from 1930s.
Photograph Westmoreland Thomas R. and Mary M. (Jennings) > Westmoreland.
Photograph Wheat Wheats: Ola (married Hayes), Frank, Bill, Caylor, Belle, Levi, Harry, Sam, Charlie, and Milburn Wheat.
Photograph Wheat Charlie and Frances Wheat. Picture from 1931.
Photograph Whitfield Whitfield Boys, left to right: Bryan, Carlton, and James Hubert Whitfield. Picture from 1922.
Photograph Whitfield Albert & Carrie (Greeson) Whitfield. Photo about 1910.
Photograph Whitfield Mattie Sue Whitfield. Photo about 1915-1920.
Photograph Whittle Mrs. Jane Whittle, Sumach.
Photograph Whittle William Patrick (Bill) (1880-1971) & Ida (Dunn) Whittle (1888-1969). Thought to be wedding picture, October 6, 1907, at Spring Place. They once owned the farm where the golf course was built.
Photograph Wilbanks John & Lena Wilbanks of Spring Place. Photo 2011.
Photograph Wilbanks Lena Wilbanks at age 16.
Photograph Wilbanks Sheriff Mike Wilbanks
Photograph Wilbanks Sallie & Jeff Wilbanks, owned Sallie's Gifts
Photograph Wilbanks Ben Keith Wilbanks with wife Thelma (White) Wilbanks, in 1929.
Photograph Wilbanks Ben Hamilton ("Mike") Wilbanks. Photo taken in 1908 when he was 23 years old. Later served as Sheriff of Murray County for nearly 30 years.
Photograph Wilbanks Jess Wilbanks and Parthenia (Brown) Wilbanks, Little Murray, about 1930s
Photograph Williams Loise and Ruth (Deal) Williams, photo 1983, Free Hope
Photograph Winkler Tom Winkler, Cool Springs. Was in charge of Fort Mountain State Park for 30+ years.
Photograph Wood Rev. Lynn Wood, Free Hope.
Photograph Woods John and Frankie (Groves) Woods, in 1950s ran Central Food Market.
Photograph Woods Will Woods
Photograph Worcester Samuel Austin Worcester, a missionary to the Cherokees in 1820s. His house at New Echota remains today. Cherokees called him "The Messenger." He secured funding to build the print shop, procure the equipment, and have the type created to publish The Cherokee Phoenix. When Georgia attempted to "take over" the Cherokee Nation, Rev. Worcester appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court-and won a ruling in favor of the Cherokees. The U. S. Government and State of Georgia ignored the ruling.
Photograph Wright James Wright was married to Cleo Moss Wright. He worked on building the railroad through Murray County. He served in World War II, was injured, then honorably discharged. He then worked for the L&N Railroad until he died in 1966.
Photograph Wright Kate Wright (married Raine) with her mother, Laura (Holbrook) Wright, at the Hotel in 1940
Photograph Yancy 1st Lieutenant Abner Yancy, Co. A., 39th Infantry Regiment. Killed at Jonesboro, Ga., August 31, 1864.
Photograph Young Jefferson Davis Young & Sandra Young, Wedding photo, December 24, 1975.
Photograph Young Martha Rhea Young, Chatsworth, 1993.
Photograph Young Rev. Earnest Young, Free Hope.
Photograph Zant Zant Brothers, Josiah Henry Zant (left) and James Solomon Zant (right). Lived near Spring Place. Enlisted in Co. B, 3rd Battalion, Georgia, in 1861.
Photograph Zelinsky Harry & Dorothy Zelinsky, Sumach, early 1980s.

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