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James Moorman Venable

Note: The following was submitted without attribution.

Name: James Moorman Venable

Sex: M

Birth: 1 JUL 1822 in Jackson CO, GA, GA

Death: 23 MAY 1862 in Spring Place, Murray CO, GA

Burial: 1862 Venable Cemetery, Murray CO, GA

(Note: 17 miles SE of Spring Place on old Berry Bennet place near cedar tree.)

Occupation: Farmer

Death Cause: dysentery

Note: Even though all family notes give James' name as James MOMAN Venable, I'm sure that Moorman is the correct name, according to the genealogy.

The southern pronounciation would have omitted the 'r". According to family records, James was a Forage Master during the war, got dysentery, came home to Spring Place & died. I find no record of James in Confederate rolls or Muster rolls. The Venable cemetery where he is buried is on the old Berry Bennett place. (Exact location is "On east side of road, old Berry Bennet Place, near big Cedar Tree.)(Now owned by THE CARL BOUCKERT family) The Bouckaerts own Beaulieu Carpets, the biggest carpet Mfg. in the world, based in Dalton. He can be reached at 1502 Coronet Dr., Dalton, GA 30720)

July 1, 1822 - James was born in Jackson CO, GA

1832 - His father Robert R. Venable dies in Jackson CO, GA. Charles Venable, his grandfather dies in Perryville, MO.. James, according to Mary Jane, his daughter, rode a big mule from GA to MO for the hearing of the will.

Jan 18, 1845 - Granting of Guardianship of Sanford and Richard Venable, minors to James M. Venable.

1845 - Lives in Jackson CO, & Shady Grove, Forsyth CO Census shows him living with his mother, Isabella in Forsyth CO.

1848 - Family notes say he married Martha Welch this year. The marriage record is in Book B. Forsyth County Marriages, Page 100 (The Probate Court told me on 1/29/01 that they do not have Book B records, microfilmed or not, but that the Archives in Atlanta "may have something")(Ora, his granddaughter said she was told by her mother that James fell in love with Martha Welch because she sang "Annie Laurie" so beautifully.

On the 21st of December, 1849 James bought 3 lots in the town of Shady Grove, Forsyth Co. (The Town of Shady Grove in the mid 1830's was later called Sheltonville and now is referred to as the Shake Rag Community.

First of Sept 1850 U. S. Forsythe Co census shows James living with his mother in Forsyth Co It shows the property they are living on as valued at $6,000.

1850 Census he is shown as living in Rock Creek, Murray CO near his brother, Lucius. (Why did he move?) Ora O'Leary, his granddaughter says she was told that James traded his slaves for land in Murray CO March 3,

1850 - His son, James Stephens Venable is born in Spring Place, Murray CO, GA..

Feb 19, 1854 - His daughter, Mary Jane is born in Spring Place.

1856 - His son, Robert Toombs is born and dies as infant. (Named after Robert Augustus Toombs 1810-1865, statesman, orator and military officer. (Read about him in the Venable file)

1857 Fannie Venable, his second daughter, is born in Spring Place.

1858 - His account at the Hawkins and Durham Store at Rock Creek for the year 1858 is interesting. (The Durham owning this store was later to become the 2nd husband of James' wife, Martha Venable after James died in 1862). During this year his account came to $64.51, and included 2 plugs of tobacco at .25 each, a spelling book for.10, a saddle at $22.00, a bridle for $3.00, 1800 bricks for $9.00 and one pair of ladies shoes for $1.50.

1860 - Isabella is born in Spring Place.

1860 - James is listed in the Murray CO, Ga Slave Schedule He owned one black girl age 14. September 1862 - James dies at Spring Place of Dysentery (according to family notes) Buried on property.

1863 - Isabella dies

1864 - Settlement of James' Estate

Venable Cemetery On east side of road on Bouckaert Farms near cedar tree.

Martha Isabelle Venable 1860---1864 (daughter of J. M. & MarthaVenable)

Robert T. Venable 1856----1857 (son of J. M. & Martha Venable)

J. M. (James Moorman) Venable 1822----1862

Article: The Chatsworth Times, Feb 15, 1989

"Boy Scout Cleanup"

    Boy Scout Troop 372 spent a day recalling history on the Venable Plantation at the Bouckaert Farm in lower Murray County. The work of this group of young men was a remarkable case of the present meeting the past. Much of the land which now comprises the Bouckaert Farm was once part of the Venable Plantation. Years before the War Between The States, James M. Venable and his wife, the former Martha Welch of Lumpkin County, accumulated many acres and operated an extensive plantation with slave labor. Their family increased in size, but they suffered the loss as two children died early and were buried in a cedar grove on a hill across from their home.

    During the War, Venable was briefly a Purchasing Agent for the Confederacy, but became ill, died and was buried beside his little ones on the plantation.

    Mrs. Venable later married another Confederate soldier-businessman, Charles D. Durham, a relative of the Durhams of NC. The Venable Plantation became known as the Durham Farm and continued to operate until Mrs. Durham's death in 1929. Their son, C. F. Durham sold the farm to a relative and moved away. For most of the next six decades, the area became known as the Berry Bennett Place. Mary Jane, the daughter of James M. Venable had moved away after marrying Richard Bramblett.

    A few years ago, Jackie Gray, their granddaughter of California contacted the Whitfield-Murray Historical Society to inquire about the existence of the Venable cemetery. She and members of the Society put together the family story. They learned that numerous relatives of the Welch and Bramblett lines still live in Murray County. Direct descendants are scattered across the West.

    Another interesting bit of information brought to light was that two former slaves, Isaac and Patience Venable also lived in Spring Place where they are the only blacks buried in the Spring Place cemetery.

    The Venable cemetery - long overgrown and forgotten- has recently been cleaned and beautified by the Scouts. Under the auspices of Scout Leader David Stone, their work will be long appreciated by the family and the Historical Society. Mr. Venable and Martha would be pleased that their farm is once again a productive farm.

Father: Robert R Venable b: ABT 1798 in Jackson CO, GA Mother: Isabella Montgomery b: 1795 in GA.

Marriage 1 Martha Welch b: 14 APR 1830 in Edgefield CO, SC Married: 21 JUN 1848/1849 in Forsyth Co, GA, Children 1. James Stephen Venable b: 17 MAR 1853 in Spring Place, Murray CO, GA 2.

Mary Jane Venable b: 19 FEB 1854 in Spring Place, Murray, GA..

Robert Toombs Venable b: 29 DEC 1856 in Spring Place, Murray CO, GA.

Fannie Venable b: 1857 in Spring Place Murray, GA.. Martha Isabella Venable b: 1 OCT 1860 in Spring Place, Murray, CO, Ga.


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