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John L. and Mary L. Hayes

The children of John L. Hayes and Mary Louisa Finley Hayes:

1. William Sidney: b. 1848, Bradley Co. TN-- ; married 31 May 1868-Murray Co. GA, Sarah M. Kin(m)mery (b. 1848-d.);

On the 1873 Commissioner of Claims deposition, he stated that he was 25 yr. old, living in Murray Co. Ga. He was the son of John Hayes, who was the son of John F. Hayes. He said that his father died in 1857. He was the oldest of 6 children; all of them were minors during the war. When he was about 15, he came to Bradley Co. to live with his grandfather, John F., in order to avoid being conscripted into the Rebel Army in GA. He told of the timber being cut and used for the military railroad. He told that the soldiers fed their horses all winter on the hay. He stated that the claimant (Franklin & Henry C. or perhaps even John F.) lived on the principal road from Cleveland to Ducktown and to NC. He was loyal to the U.S.

He is listed on the Census': 1850-Bradley Co. TN-living with parents; 1860-Bradley Co. TN-living with his mother; 1870-?; (possible) 1901-Whitfield Co GA with son 1880-Whitfield Co. GA (lower tenth district)-head of the household-36 yr old-farmer-TN.

Children listed on the 1880 Census:

1. William F. (b. 1869)

2. Louisa M.A. (b. 1872)

3. John L. (b.1874)

4. Julia A. (b 1876)

5. Enlissa (b. July 1879)

2. Sarah A. "Sally": b.18 September 1849, Bradley Co. TN--d. 2 Apr 1928 Cleveland Co. OK; married Jan 1880-Murray Co GA, Martin Alexander Holcomb (7 August 1844-Monroe Co. TN--16 February 1935-Oklahoma City, OK). They are buried in the Shiloh Cemetery, Slaughterville, Cleveland Co. OK. His parents: William Jackson Holcomb (Nov. 1819, Monroe Co. TN--9 Dec 1882, Ellis Co. TX) married 1855 Louisa Berry (1821, Monroe Co TN--1859, Whitfield Co. GA)] Sarah is listed on the Census': 1850-Bradley Co. TN-living with parents; 1860-Bradley Co. TN-living with her mother; 1870-Whitfield Co. GA (lower 10th P. O. Varnell Station)-living with her mother; 1880-Murray Co. GA (Shuck Pen)-living with husband and 6 step children (m. 27 Dec 1866, Julia Ann Swisher (1841-1877/1879); 1900-Murray Co. GA (10th Dist, No. 874)-wife-51yr.old-7 children-all living-own farm # 103. 1910-Lexington, Cleveland Co. OK-living son & husband; 1920-Lexington, Cleveland Co TX-living with husband. Children listed on the 1900 Census:

1. Lizzie (September1876)-step child

2. Samuel (August 1877)-step child

3. Cordelia (March 1883)

4. John Elbert. (April 1884-1920)

5. Harvey Finley (June1886-1972)

6. Stanton Benjamin (September 1888-1972)

7. Alberta (October 1890)

8. Jessie M (11 August 1893--9 Dec 1938, Lubbock, TX )

9. Susie (b. June 1896)

["A sister (Sally Hayes, a heavy set woman) went out west and stayed, married Elliott Holcomb, he would visit Annie Patterson Hayes, (his sister-in-law). His sons were John and Harve" (Betty Hayes Caldwell, niece) "Dad (Trammell Hayes) would talk of Elliott Holcomb." John Hayes, nephew]

[Application to the Eastern Cherokee # 14341-William A. Holcomb----information from the Michael Park's Hullenhock-Hayes paper. (This may the explanation of why Bertha Bryant Hayes said to Rev. Charles Hayes that Rev. Sam Wolfe (3/4 Cherokee) was more kin to him than he was to her.)

3. Joseph Bradford: b. 15 February 1851, Bradley Co. TN--17 June 1921, Whitfield Co GA; married ?14 July 187 ?? Rebecca "Becky" C. Henry (3 Dec 1855--27 Dec 1922, Whitfield Co GA). They are buried in the Deep Springs Cemetery, Whitfield Co GA.

He is listed on the Census': 1860-Bradley Co TN living with mother; 1870-Whitfield Co GA-living with mother; 1880, 1900, 1910, & 1920-Whitfield Co GA (Lower 10th), head of household.

The children of Joseph Bradford and Rebecca C. Henry Hayes:

1. Nola E (Nov 1876; m. Tom Brown)

2. Albert Luther (25 Aug 1878/9--15 Jan1918; married 4 Jan 1903 Whitfield Co GA Amanda Cook (remarried ca 1927 Addiston Dewitt Story); he is buried Deep Springs Cemetery.


1. Ruth (m Joe Clark); 2. Winfred

3. Oscar [twin] (19 Sept 1883; married Becky; moved to TX-no children)

4. William Arthur [twin] (19 Sept1883—4 Nov 1956; married 26 Nov 1910-Murray Co GA, Olia Wheat (25 Jan 1891—26 July 1969, Whitfield Co GA); both are buried in the Whitfield Memorial Gardens.

Children: 1. Doyle (d. 1998), 2. Claude (living) 3. Joe (d.1995) 4. Pauline Weaver

5. Mary Jane (Molly) (18 Sept 1880-22 Sept 1934) never married; buried Deep Springs Cemetery.

6. Frank J. (27 Dec 1891--29 June 1970; married 19 May 1917-Murray Co GA, Lela Henry 6 Nov 1890--23 Dec 1940) They are buried in the Sumach C. P. Church Cemetery, Murray Co GA.

["Joe lost one of his parents and the other remarried and he couldn't get along with his step-parent. He moved to Beaverdale, married Rebecca Henry who lived close and raised a family. Albert Luther died as a young man of appendicitis there in Beaverdale." Bill Clark, grandson of Luther & gr-grandson of Joseph.]

["Joseph B. Hayes had a fight with his step-father and moved to Beaverdale to live with an uncle and is buried in Deep Springs Cemetery. One of the brothers went to the "Civil War" and "wound up" in Texas when it was a Frontier state. Betty (Hayes) Keith lived in Dawnville. Jane and Sidney left home when their Ma re-married. Don't know where they went." Claude Hayes, grandson of Joseph B.]

4. Mary Jane b. 1854 Bradley Co. TN; listed on the Census': 1860-Bradley Co. TN-living with her mother; 1870-Whitfield Co. TN (P. O. Varnell Station)-living with her mother.

5. Prudence Elizabeth "Betty" b. 29 January 1855, Bradley Co TN—29 July 1937, Whitfield Co GA; married 25 March 1885, Hiram Douglas "Bud" Keith (29 Sept 1852—4 July 1922). They are buried in the Dawnville Cemetery, Whitfield Co GA. He married his first wife 27 October 1872 Whitfield Co GA, Martha Louvenia Farnsworth (24 Nov 1857—6 Apr1884).

She is listed on the Census': 1860-Bradley Co TN-living with mother; 1870-Whitfield Co GA-living with mother; 1880-Murray Co GA-living with mother; 1900, 1910, & 1920-Whitfield Co GA-living with husband and family; 1930-Whitfield Co GA-widow.

The children of Hiram Douglas and Betty Hayes Keith:

1. Fannie Lee b. 20 Dec 1885 Whitfield Co GA—26 March 1970; married 19 Apr 1908 Murray Co GA, Luther Bond. 2 sons, 1 dau.

2. Olonzo McTier "Lon" b. 6 Sept 1887 Whitfield Co GA—16 Sept 1930 Whitfield Co GA; married Susie King (5 May 1889—16 Oct 1975 Whitfield Co GA). They are buried in the Dawnville Cemetery. 2 sons, 2 dau.

3. Hiram Columbus b. 12 Feb 1889 Whitfield Co GA—29 Feb 1968 Whitfield Co GA; married Mae Keith. He is buried in the Dawnville Cemetery. 3 sons, 1 dau.

4. John Aikens b. 29 July 1891 Whitfield Co GA—July 1918 married Jean (June) McCamy. 1 son

5. Jessie Douglas b. 26 Dec 1893 Whitfield Co GA—16 July 1979; married 24 Apr 1910, Murray Co GA, Webster "Webby" Coffee (19 Dec 1885—22 March 1930). They are buried in the Center Valley Cemetery, Murray Co GA. 4 sons, 5 dau.

6. George Hill b. 6 Nov 1895 Whitfield Co GA—11 Apr 1971 Whitfield Co GA; married 3 May 1920, Irene Cline (24 Dec 1902—5 Oct 1978 Whitfield Co GA). They are buried in the Whitfield Memorial Gardens. 1 son.

["Betty helped raise the five children from the first marriage as through they were her own." Ellen Thompson, gr-granddaughter.]

[Dalton Argus, 8 Apr 1909; pg. 1. On 4 Apr 1909, Rev. Hiram Douglas "Uncle Bud" Keith, married Charlie and Bertha Bryant Hayes while they sat in a buggy in the middle of the road in front of his home.]

6. John J. b. 5 January 1857, Bradley Co TN—5 June 1909, Murray Co TN; married 7 Jan 1883, Whitfield Co GA, Eliza Ann "Annie" Patterson (10 Feb 1861 McMinn Co TN—1 Oct 1951 Murray Co GA). They are buried in the Sumach C. P. Church, Murray Co GA. Her parents; Frederick W. Patterson (19 March 1832, McMinn Co TN---25 Feb 1868, Murray Co GA) married 30 Aug 1855, McMinn Co TN, Mary Elizabeth Williams (5 Aug 1832, McMinn Co TN---26 Feb 1914, Murray Co GA) They are buried in the Sumach Cemetery.

He is listed on the Census': 1860-Bradley Co TN-living mother; 1870-Whitfield Co GA-living with mother; 1880-Murray Co GA-living with mother; 1900-Murray Co GA (Shuck Pen)-head of household.

The children of John J. and Annie Patterson Hayes:

1. Infant (death 1883/4)

2. Mary b. 10 Aug 1885 Whitfield Co GA---29 Feb 1912 Murray Co GA (tuberculosis)

3. Charles Walter b. 11 Oct 1887 Whitfield Co GA---19 Aug 1972 Murray Co GA; married 4 Apr 1909 Whitfield Co GA [license-Murray Co] Bertha Lee Bryant (23 Sept 1891 Murray Co GA---29 Dec 1985 Murray Co GA). Her parents: George W. Bryant (1 July 1852, Murray Co GA---25 Dec 1928, Murray Co GA) married 30 Dec 1888, Murray Co GA, Onie Ella Evans (17 Dec 1868, Polk Co TN---21 Jan 1962, Murray Co GA). His second marriage. They are buried in the Calvary Cemetery, Murray Co GA. Children of Charles and Bertha Bryant Hayes:

1. Frances Mildred (April 6, 1910--- June 24, 1911)

2. Charles Durett, (March 20, 1911---March 21, 1911)

3. Harold Grey Hayes (November 11, 1912, Murray Co GA---January 25, 1973, Newark, OH) married Catherine "Bill" McIntire (December 14, 1916, Murray Co GA---9 Nov 2003, St. Petersburg, FL)

4. Dorothy Margaret (living) [Charlie (C. W.) was a Cumberland Presbyterian minister for over 60 years. Carolyn Z. Luffman, granddaughter]

4. Lillie Nannie b. 28 July 1890, Murray Co GA—22 Mar 1961 Murray Co GA; married 26 June 1910, Murray Co GA, Wiley Houston Hansird (3 march 1891---4 Mar 1964 Murray Co GA) Children of Wiley and Lillie Hayes Hansird: John C. Hansird (May 27, 1912--May 13, 1978) and Herman Vanoy Hansird (12 June 1914--16 December 2001) .

5. Fred Trammell b. 18 Mar 1894, Murray Co GA—22 Sept 1972 Whitfield Co GA; married 24 June 1918 Murray Co GA Fannie Dunn (5 May 1895-15 Oct 1987) Four living children of Trammell and Fannie Dunn Hayes.

["Trammell would go out to Mule Shoe, TX and follow the wheat harvest all the way to Canada." John Hayes, son] ["Trammell had to go to the field to cut "brush". There was a young colt on the farm. His daddy (John J.) told him not to take the colt with him. He did anyway. The colt got in front of the cutting "machine and its two back legs were cut off. It had to be killed." R. S. Thoma

6. Zula Ellen b. 29 Dec 1898 Murray Co GA—27 Sept 1930 Whitfield Co GA; married 29 Aug 1915 Samuel Allison King, Sr. (19 Apr 1895 Whitfield Co GA---27 June 1952 Los Angeles, CA). They are buried in the Dawnville Cemetery, Whitfield Co, GA.

Children of Zula Hayes and Samuel King:

1. Annie Catherine (21 December 1918---11 June 2005)

2. Hayes (living)

3. Milton (3 July 1921---17 July 1996)

4. Clifton (living)

5. Sam A., Jr. (27 September 1926---21 October 2000)

7. Lois Patterson b.28 Aug 1905 Murray Co GA—12 Apr 2000, Sparta TN; married 4 March 1946 Jesse Gilley "Bob" Swoape (b. ---16 June 1958). They are buried in White Co. TN One living child John, Annie, their children and spouses 1-5 are buried in the Sumach C. P. Cemetery.

[The Dalton Citizen, January 11, 1883 "Married on the 7th inst. Rev. S. H. Henry officiating, Mr. John Hays and Miss E. A. Patterson, all of Whitfield Co. (GA).]

[Dalton Argus, 10 June 1909 listed John Hayes' death from the great white plague (tuberculosis), which he had had for a long period of time.]

[Members of the Sumach Cumberland Presbyterian Church prior to 1900: Eliza A Hayes, I. John Hayes, Mary Hayes, Charley Hayes. I. J. Hayes-Deacon installed 1901. Sumach on the Hill, Conway Gregory, Jr. pg. 174 & 176.]

["John J. never visited any of his relatives once he left home. He never said much. The only time that I ever heard him testify, he said, "Heaven born-heaven bound." C. W. Hayes, son]

["In 1887, John J. built a house below Beaverdale (Lower 10th District, Whitfield Co GA), but it burned down before they could move into it. In 1888, the family moved to a log cabin below the old John Whittle farm (Murray Co GA). In 1890, they moved to where they live now-the old home place (Shuck Pen, Murray Co. GA-about 3 miles south of the Sumach C. P. Church)" C. W. Hayes, son]

["Their first baby was a boy which was still born. He is buried in an unmarked grave in the south end of the Sumach Cemetery near an "uncle" that is in an unmarked grave also, close to the fence around another grave in the old picture in Sumach on the Hill." Betty Hayes Caldwell, granddaughter]

["John Hayes was a good looking man. Charlie looked like him. John always bragged on me and praised my cooking." Bertha Bryant Hayes, daughter-in-law. Charlie and Bertha lived with John and Annie after their marriage in 1909.]

["John was a hard worker, as well as his daughter, Mary. He waited on Annie (his wife). She was a thin and weakly person. He would help her get up in the mornings. He would put a sheep skin rug down at her chair for her to put her feet on. He would put her in her chair for the day with her feet resting on that sheep skin rug." T. Souther, niece]

***The children of Mary Louisa Finley Hayse Smith:

1. George W. b. Feb 1864 Census': 1870 Whitfield Co GA-living with mother; 1880 Murray Co GA; 1900 Whitfield Co GA 9th District: b. Feb 1864; married 10 yrs; farmer; GA, TN, TN Ella; wife; Jan 1872; 3 children: Price-Mar 1892; Clifford-Jan 1894; Oscar-Feb 1987 1910 Whitfield Co GA Dalton Ward 4-Dalton Militia 872 Ella W (38), Price (18), Clifford T (16), Horace (9), Myrtle (2)

2. Thomas J. b. 1887 Census': 1870-Whitfield Co GA- living with mother; 1880 Murray Co GA;


Mary L. married ____________ Smith sometime after the June 1860 Census.

It could have been in Bradley Co TN.? or Murray Co. GA,

They moved to Murray Co: Wm. Sidney's deposition Commissioner Claims" 1863-lived in Murray.

They moved to Whitfield Co. prior to August 1870 Lower 10th P.O. Varnell Station.

1870 Census no Smith man was listed in the family-died?/left the family?

They moved back across the Conasauga River to the Shuck Pen District prior June 1880.

She was living with Joe in 1900.

She could have been living with H. D. and Betty (dau.) Keith when she died, because she is buried in the Dawnville Cemetery, not at Deep Springs where Joseph B. & family are buried.

Prepared by Carolyn Z. Luffman


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