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 Murray County Museum  
(Placed on the National Register of Historic Places June 21, 2004)


Ray Bagley was School Superintendent. H. C. Boston was Principal. Miss Pauline Ogletree was the Counselor.

Faculty members included:

Mr. C.H. Bonner, Football Coach and physical education classes;
Mr. C.W. Bradley, Basketball Coach and history;
Mrs. C.W. Bradley, biology and science;
Miss Edna Jo Butler, home economics;
Mrs. Hoke Campbell, math and English;
Mr. W.A. Crump, Girls' Basketball Coach, history and English;
Mr. Lynn Daniel, French, English, journalism and dramatics;
Mrs. C.R. Hix, English and art;
Mrs. Glen Howard, civics and health;
Miss Margaret Jackson, Librarian;
Mr. M.D. Jackson, chemistry and shop;
Mrs. Hill Jones, music;
Mrs. Frank Langford, math;
Mr. G.I. Maddox, agriculture;
Mrs. Richard Raber, commercial subjects;
Mrs. Rembert Townsend, history and English;
Miss Barbara Saxon, commercial subjects and literature;
Mrs. Rembert Townsend, English and history;
Mr. H. P. Woods, history and drivers education.

ON CAMPUS 1952-53

The annual was called Arrowhead . The school newspaper was the Pow-Wow . And, perhaps for the first time ever, MCHS had a second school newspaper, one prepared by the Freshmen Class under the guidance of teacher W.A. Crump! It was called Pow-Wow Jr . This smaller paper was given free to those who paid a nickel for the big guy.

Arrowhead '53 was dedicated to teacher G.I. Maddox, who had been on the faculty since the school opened in 1934. The inscription read: "For years of devoted teaching and guiding...for service to school and community improvement... your smile, your jokes, your informal speeches ...are a part of our everyday life at school."

Murray County High School

Mr. G. I. Maddox, taught Agriculture (the school owned and operated a farm of some 200 acres). Mr. Maddox also created the String Band.

The Lunch Room employed Mrs. G.I. Maddox, Mrs. Paul Smith, Mrs. Felton Quarles and Mrs. Marvin Jackson. Mr. Felton Quarles was school Custodian.

Murray County High School
The Lunch Room Team Ready to Serve!
The two students are Rosetta Blassingame and Marie Harrison.

Murray County High School
The Arrowhead included a back view of the main building,
the view from the football field.


The Pow-Wow reported in its issue of May 29, 1953:

The senior class of '53 has broken two records in the history of Murray County High School. First, it is the largest class to graduate and, secondly, there will be more honor graduates in this group than in any other previous class. Twenty-five of the seventy-five members of the class held a "B" average or above all through their high school career.

This class also stands out as the first class to complete the twelfth grade and will leave Murray High as a graduate of a high school which is a member of the Southern Accreditation Association.


Mary Lee Adams and Sarah Joan (Sally) Shelton tied for top honor for the 1953 graduation. Neil Shelton was named second honor graduate. The two first honor students agreed that Sally Shelton would deliver the valedictory address. Neil Shelton gave the salutatory address.

Murray County High SchoolMurray County High School
Mary Lee Adams (left) and Sally Shelton (right) tied for Valedictorian honors.

Murray County High School
Neil Shelton was named Salutatorian.

In addition to the above three, other honor grads included: Margaret Estelle Adams, Vivian Marcell Adams, Mary Frances Ballew, William Donald Bradley, Zora Jean Brooks, Ila Jane Marie Cline, Julia Ann Colvard, Myrtle Sue Deverell, Annie Maude Greeson, Amelia Anne Gregory, Ruth Marie Gregory, Mildred Lucille Hammontree, Johnnie Sue Howard, Margaret Anna (Peggy) Jarrett, Margaret Maye Keith, Ella Juanita McCune, Dorothy Maxine McCamy, Patsy Ruth Robinson, Lois Spivey, Virginia Louise Timms, Katheryn Anne Wilburn, and Ben Keith Wilbanks.

Other graduates are: Eva Mae Adair, Billie Faye Adams, William C. Bandy, Jimmy Bartley, Jarrette E. Benford, Herbert Brooks, Helen Sue Bryant, James H. Childers, Martha Wills Cochran, Vearselle Couch, Edith Defore, Deward Lee Duncan, Luther Dyer, John Phillip Elrod, William Edward Ensley, Charles E. Etheridge, Harold Eugene Fowler, Carolyn Sue Greene, Magdelyn Green, Anne Harris, William Johnston Harris, Mary Virginia Hayes, Bryand Lamar Headrick, Ann Harbin Hemphill, Rachel Lois Henderson, Carolyn Ann Hensley, Boyd Nathan Hogan, Vernon Leo Hooper, Neil Odell Ingle, Otis Richard Jones, Carolyn Patricia Leonard, Boyd Haven McCamy, John Ray McCamy, Carlton W. Peeples, Paul Drewery Peeples, Maxine Ray, Edna Leona Ridley, Grethel Pauline Ridley, Markus Edward Russell, Ethel A. Smith, James Ronald Smith, Dorothy Mae Southers, Henry Reagin Springfield, Jimmy Edward Swanson, Kenneth Edward Swanson, Ray Francis Swanson, Billy Joe Timms, Mildred Faye Timms, Lillie Mae Walls, Damon Wilbanks, Joe F. Wilbanks, and Joe Lewis Woods.

Donald Bradley was elected Senior Class President and Charles Etheridge served as Vice President.

All names are listed left-to-right, top-to-bottom

Murray County High School
Eva Mae Adair, Margaret Adams, Billie Faye Adams, Marcell Adams, Mary Lee Adams, Mary Frances Ballew, Billy Bandy, Jackie Benford

Murray County High School
Donald Bradley, Herbert Brooks, Zora Brooks, Helen Bryant, Barbara Cantrell, James Childers, Marie Cline, Martha Cochran

Murray County High School
Julia Colvard, Verselle Couch, Sue Deverell, Deward Duncan, Luther Dyer, Phillip Elrod, Bill Ensley, Charles Etheridge

Murray County High School
Harold Fowler, Joe Green, Maggie Green, Annie Maude Greeson, Anne Gregory, Ruth Gregory, Mildred Hammontree, Annie Harris

Murray County High School
Billy Harris, Virginia Hayes, Lamar Headrick, Ann Hemphill, Rachel Henderson, Carolyn Green, Carolyn Hensley, Boyd Hogan

Murray County High School
Bud Holcomb, Vernon Hooper, Johnnie Sue Howard, Peggy Jarrett, Richard Jones, Neil Ingle, Margaret Ketih, Patricia Leonard

Murray County High School
Boyd McCamy, Maxine McCamy, Jackie McCamy, Juanita McCune, Carlton Peeples, Paul Peeples, Maxine Ray, Edna Ridley

Murray County High School
Grethel Ridley, Patsy Robinson, Edward Russell, Weston Self, Neil Shelton, Sally Shelton, Ethel Smith, James Smith

Murray County High School
Dorothy Southers, Reagin Springfield, Lois Spivey, Kenneth Swanson, J. E. Swanson, Ray Swanson, LaVerne Swilling, Billy Timms.

Murray County High School
Louise Timms, Mildred Timms, Lillie Mae Walls, Ben Wilbanks, Damon Wilbanks, Joe Wilbanks, Katheryn Wilburn, Joe Woods


Murray County High School
Julia Ann Colvard and Bill Ensley

Murray County High School
Sally Shelton and Carlton "Shine" Peeples

Murray County High School
Mary Hemphill and Charles Etheridge

Murray County High School
Sally Shelton and Neil Shelton

Murray County High School
Katheryn Wilburn and Bill Ensley

Murray County High SchoolMurray County High School
Mary Ruth Davis and James Childers

Murray County High School
Juanita McCune and Bill Ensley

Murray County High School*
Margaret Adams and Jackie Benford

Murray County High SchoolMurray County High School
Mary Hemphill and Bud Holcomb

Murray County High School
Johnnie Sue Howard and Donald Bradley

Murray County High School*
Mary Lee Adams and Vernon Hooper

Murray County High School
Sally Shelton and Lowell Higdon
By the way, Cokes from that machine cost a nickel.


Beta Club elected Margaret Adams President. Neil Shelton was President of the 4-H Club . The HI-Y President was Roland Wilbanks and Virginia Winkler was President of the TRI-HI-Y . Sally Shelton was President of the Future Business Leaders of America . Ethel Smith was President of the F.H.A. and Coleman Bryant was President of the F.F.A.

Other organizations mentioned in the annual: The French Club, Girls Chorus, Glee Club, Library Club, Nursing Club, Secretarial Club, and The String Band.

Activities included Arts and Crafts; Cheerleading, Debate, Dramatics, Indoor Games, Map Study, Playground Games, Rhythm Games, and Publications.

Murray County High School
MCHS String Band 1952-53
Front row, left to right: Weston Self, James Childers, Vernon Hooper, Rex Witherow
Back row: Bud Holcomb, Ben Albert Johnson, Robert Mason, Richard Jones, G.I. Maddox


Although several Seniors mentioned their participation in Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, and Volley ball, these sports were not given detailed coverage in that year's annual.

Boys Basketball team, under Coach Bradley, won 24 and lost 3. Girls Basketball record not known.

Football did not fare as well, with zero games won and 8 lost.

This was the third school year for both football and track. The Arrowhead specifically thanked Mr. Woody Glenn and Mr. Francis Glenn "for paving the way for track at MCHS."

Murray County High School

Front row, left to right: W.G. Scott, Bobby Ridley, Colman Bryand, Lamar Headrick, Charles Etheride.

Second row, Frank Ross, James Smith, Bill Ensley, Joe Turvey, Bobby Richards.

Murray County High School*
Front Runner Bobby Ridley, others not identified.

Murray County High School
Maynard Young and Charles Etheridge

Murray County High School
Left: Joe Wilbanks, right: Harrison Quarles.

Murray County High School

First row, left to right: Richard Hall, James Smith, Frank Cobgurn, Deward Duncan, Donald Hawkins, Bill Ensley.

Second row: Carlton "Shine" Peeples, Frank Pellom, Jackie McCamy, Charles Etheridge.

Murray County High School
Sitting: Julia Colvard, Katheryn Wilburn, Emily Phillips.
Standing: Pat Adams.

Murray County High School

Starting center front, going left: Pat Duncan, Jean Wooten, Shirley Moore, Dot Smith, Dovie Tucker, Jean Davis, Eva Mae Adair, Johnnie Sue Howard, Katheryn Wilburn, Juanita McCune, Wanda Walls, Pat Adams, Emily Phillips, Jimmie Freeman.

Coach W.A. Crump in the center.

Murray County High School
Front: Juanita Vaughn, Genevelyn Beavers, Betty Pellom.
Back: Mary Ruth Davis, Jean Moore, Faye White.

Murray County High School
Front row, left to right: Johnny Luffman (Manager), Frank Pellom, James Smith, Bill Ensley, Donald Bradley, Charles Etheridge, Jackie McCamy, Roland Wilbanks (Manager).
Second row: Billy Timms, Ed Huggins, J.F. Cochran, W.G. Scott, Frank Ross, Edward Hall.
Third row: Coach Bonner, Carlton Butler, Gene Mosteller, Troy Weaver, Coach Bradley.


Advertisers from Murray County included: Carpenter's Pharmacy, W.H. Long Insurance Agency, C.H. Greeson Super Market, T.W. Brooks Agency, Southern Talc Co., Fred Brown & Sons, Cohutta Banking Company, the Bargain Store, Barney's Garage, Chatsworth Lumber Co., Leonard's Texaco Service Station, Chatsworth Appliance and Service Co., Crown Chenille Manufacturing Co., Chatsworth Drug Co., Sam (Pete) Calhoun - Attorney, Westfield's Dry Goods, Murray County Locker, W.T. Richards Store (Spring Place), and Chatsworth Motor Co.

Whitfield County businesses bought lots of ads too. Ads appeared for: Dalton Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Paramount Dairies, Inc., Lee's Office Supply, First National Bank, Hayes Tractor Co., Lent's Drive In, Davies & Sons Jewelers, Oakwood Café, Sterchi Brothers, Sims Motor Co., Thomason & Co., Lee Routh's Stores, Collier Drug Co, G & S Office Supply, Al's Camera & Supply Shop, Cherokee Insurance Agency, Pennington Insurance Agency, Dalton Federal Savings & Loan Assoc., Millender's, Dalton Flower Shop, Bon Ton Apparel Shop, Cannon Department Store, Jackson & Shackleford, Strain Feed & Coal Co., Valencia Dress & Beauty Shop, North Dalton Beauty Shop, Modern Beauty Shop, Odorless Cleaners, Whitehead Laundry and Cleaners, Shackleford Drug Co., WBLJ Radio, Stroup-Mabry Funeral Home, Bradley & Bandy Drugs, Dalton Bootery, Dalton Hardware Co., J. M. Feighery Company Sewing Machines, Gregory Office Supply, Hill Furniture Company, and Southern Amusement Company.

     Many Dalton businesses listed phone numbers with only three digits. Murray County telephone numbers listed four digits.


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