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(Placed on the National Register of Historic Places June 21, 2004)


(Note: The first item posted is an article from the front-page of the Chatsworth Times, May 30, 1946. Following that are selected excerpts from the yearbook, including numerous photographs.)

From the Chatsworth Times May 30, 1946:


Seven Murray County High school boys whose scholastic careers had been interrupted ty war received a big hand last Friday night along with their diplomas. The audience applauded with unusual enthusiasm when the veterans, Allen Leonard, Fred Robinson, Roy Beavers, Ronald Gryder, George Hawkins, Smith Loughridge and Luther Jones, were handed their diplomas by Superintendent Ray Bagley.

Leonard and Robinson completed their senior work this year, after receiving their discharges from the armed services. The other five had almost enough credits before leaving for induction and the faculty agreed that their army service added to their school record warranted enough credit for graduation. Diplomas were presented during the year to Manton Wilson and Wilburn Kenner, two other discharged veterans.

The following graduates were honor students; Euretha Ausmus, Glenda Carver, Martha Sue Cate, Aloe Earnest, Ray Kirby, Mandean Mauldin, Aurelia Ann McCamey, Thelma Pierce, Willie Robertson McDonald, Eugenia Robinson, Carl Welch, Louise Henry and Elain Holcomb.

Two from the honor group, Ray Kirby and Mandean Mauldin, had a perfect attendance records for their four-year high school course, Mr. Bagley announced.

Awards for outstanding work went to the following: R. L. Presley, agriculture; Aline Cates, home economics; Aurelia Ann McCamey and Glenn Davis, activities; Jerry Scott and Ray Sinor, athletics; Aurelia Ann McCamey, music; Elain Holcomb, scholarship; Eugenia Robinson and Tom Hemphill, citizenship.

The Rev. S. Wilkes Dendy, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Dalton, gave the principal address at the graduation exercises held in the school auditorium.

A piano solo, "Flower Song" by Tchaikovsky played by Christine Cates opened the program.

Laura Ann Pritchett, pianist, played the processional the "Grand March" by Bellini, which was followed by a selection by the senior girls of the Glee Club, "I Would That My Love," by Mendelsohn.

The Rev. H. B. Free, Methodist pastor, offered the Invocation.

Elaine Holcomb, honor graduate, gave the Salutatory, and Thelma Pierece, also an honor graduate, gave the Valedictory.

Mr. Bagley presented the diplomas and made the awards.

The class sang the "Alma Mater" and the Rev. David Pittman gave the Benediction.

Diplomas were presented to the following:

Euretha Ausmus, Farris Ballew, Faye Brewer, Dorothy Bartley, Robert Bradley, Ruby Lee Brindle, Billie Butler, Hazel Burger, Thelma Caldwell, William J. Campbell, Jr.,

Charlie Carnes, Glenda Carver, Martha Sue Cate, Kathryn Childers, Montene Cockburn, Clara Crumbley, Hazel Davis, Reba Dover, Aloe Earnest, Robert Evans,

Luciel Gibson, Morell Gordon, James Greeson, Jimmy Gregory, Junior Hammontree, Anna Lou Hampton, Betty Jo Jackson, Raymond Keener, Julian Kilgore,

Ray Kirby, Allen Leonard, Maudean Mauldin, Aurelia Ann McCamey, Georgia McCarty, Audie Melton, Edna Grace Moore, Thelma Pierce, Willie Robertson,

Fred Robinson, Eugenia Robinson, Doris Rogers, Rowena Sanford, Jerry Scott, Edith Self, Nellie Mae Sexton, Oral Belle Sexton, Harold Terry, Jean Vest, Rose Water, Carl Welch, Tom Hemphill, Louise Henry, Estelle Hensley,

Nina Jo Hicks, Elaine Holcomb, Lina Mae Huddleston, Virginia Huddleston, Horace Gray, Julian Westfield, Helen Wilbanks, Barney Wright, Reba Nell Presley, Inez Womack, Margaret Dunn.


The annual for school year 1945-46, The Chief, was dedicated to Miss Pauline Ogletree, "who, through her understanding, tolerance, willingness, and loyalty has given us faith both in ourselves and our abilities, and through her guidance has started many on the road to becoming a better citizen."


Mr. W. C. Petty was Principal. Mr. W. T. Richards taught math and coached basketball; Mr. G.I. Maddox taught Agriculture; Mrs. Lucy Cox McWherter taught English and History; Mrs. Carl Pack taught History and Mathematics; Mrs. Inez Kerr taught Latin and History; Miss Edna Jo Butler taught Home Economics; Mrs. Sam Maynard taught Commercial courses; Mrs. Dan Earnest taught English; Mrs Annie Laura Howard taught Social Science; Miss Miriam Bradley taught Civics and Health; Mrs. C. W. Bradley taught General Science and Biology, Miss Pauline Ogletree taught typing and served as Vocational Counselor; Mrs. Alwayne Jones taught Music; and Mrs. Johnnie Hartley served as Librarian.


Honor Graduates: Euretha Ausmus; Martha Sue Cate; Aloe Earnest; Louise Henry; Elaine Holcomb; Ray Kirby; Maudean Mauldin; Aurelia Anne McCamy; Thelma Pierce; and Carl Welch.

Notice in all of the following class pictures that the girls greatly out-numbered the boys.

MCHS Picture

Senior Class Girls

Left to Right, First Row: Aloe Earnest, Louise Henry; Aurelia Anne McCamy, Ruby Lee Brindle, Edith Self, Martha Sue Cate, Eugenia Robinson, Jerry Scott.

Second Row: Estelle Hensley, Dorothy Bartley, Annie Lou Hampton, Hazel Burger, Betty Jo Jackson, Kathryn Childers, Euretha Ausmus, Thelma Pierce.

Third Row: Inez Warmack, Montene Cockburn, Clara Crumbley, Lina Mae Huddleston, Reba Dover, Audie Melton, Georgia McCarthy.

Fourth Row: Thelma Caldwell, Nellie Mae Sexton, Glenda Carver, Willie Robertson McDonald, Virginia Huddleston, Elaine Holcomb, Ora Belle Sexton, Grace Moore.

Fifth Row: Rowena Sanford, Rose Waters, Billie Butler, Marell Gordon, Nina Jo Hicks, Helen Wilbanks.

Sixth Row: Faye Brewer, Maudean Mauldin, Jean Vest, Mrs. Inez Kerr (teacher), Hazel Davis, Doris Rogers, Reba Nell Presley.

MCHS Picture

Senior Class Boys

Left to Right, First Row: Barney Wright, Robert Bradley, Ray Kirby, Junior Campbell, Farris Ballew.

Second Row: Carl Welch, Horace Gray, Julian Westfield, Jack McHan, Tom Hemphill.

Third Row: Robert Evans, Fred Robinson, Harold Terry, James Greeson.

Fourth Row: Allen Leonard, Junior Hammontree.

MCHS Picture

Junior Class Girls

Left to Right, First Row: Lucille Isenhower, Juanita Peden, Opal Jones, Mary Smith, Christine Cates, Margarette Gregory, Polly Brown, Betty Jo Graves, Geneva Parsons, Christiania Baynes.

Second Row: Minnie Mae Hooker, Janie Franklin, Arminta Parsons, Sara Ann Kelley, Maurine Springfield, Maruine Bearden, Cora Nell Huddleston, Florence Douthit.

Third Row: Betty Leonard, Sally Bartley, Billie Jean Howard, Johnnie Parsons, Virginia Wilbanks, Mary Louise Hammontree, Christine Edwards, Lavada Roberts, Aline Cates.

Fourth Row: Inez Thomas, Kathryn Wilbanks, Margaret Dunn, Nelloise Arrowood, Frances Vineyard, Syble Couch, Lucille Leonard, Geneva Roberts, Geneva Evans.

Fifth Row: Betty Sue Hicks, Edwina Autry, Geraldine Rogers, Ina Mae Robinson, Frances McCord, Lorraine Sanford, Sara Adair.

Sixth Row: Elizabeth Isenhower, Betty Sue Harris, Elise Bryant, Cleo Banister, Annette Smith.

MCHS Picture

Junior Class Boys

Left to Right, First Row: Paul Hampton, Billy Elrod, Lowell Tarpely, Henry Sellers, Herbert Parrott, Terry Jones, Homer Ledford, Ray Sinor.

Second Row: J. W. Hawkins, David Gregory, Dewey Carter, Leonard Pierce, Billy Henry, Van Compton, Buddy Coffey, Charles Brown.

Third Row: Gerald Burch, Joe Stroup, Billy Gulledge, Tom Colvard, Edgar Smith, Arthur Baxter.

Fourth Row: Jack Waters, Robert Hamby, Billy Fite, Emmett Walls, Grover Lee Walls, Fred Hawkins, Albert Johnson, Billy Loughridge, Glenn Davis, Marvin Ray McCune.

MCHS Picture

Sophomore Class Girls

Left to Right, First Row: Laura Ann Pritchett, Virginia Terry, Marion McCamy, Margaret Cate, Chloe Rene Huff, Peggy Anderson, Jean Hamby, Martha Dillard, Joe Glenn Rogers.

Second Row: Lou Ella Bowen, Billie Smith, Aline Ray, Evelyn Evans, Charlene Wheat, Margie Griffin, Betty Baugh, Margaret Steward, Ruby Harris.

Third Row: Evaline Bagley, Hazel Terry, Josephine Robinson, Leo Wilbanks, Doroth Townsend, Bonnie Sue Shields.

Fourth Row: Leah Coffey, Ruth Beason, Trilba Walls, Martha Ann Peeples, Rebecca Green, Mary Kate Baugh, Betty McCune, Genieve Greeson, Jackie Hawkins, Betty Faye Akins, Irene Lunsford, Opal Lowery, Ellen Gregory, Wilma Ruth Peeples, Dorothy Armstrong.

Fifth Row: Pauline Carrol, Betty Walker, Beulah Harmon, Will Dee Hicks, Hazel Parsons, Nora Hooker, Juanita McDaniel, Lillian Henry, Geneva Pritchett, Tommie Lee Bradley, Margerite Keith.

Sixth Row: Louise Pierce, Lena Mae Hilly, Hilda Scott, Buna Ann Smith, Ruth Ann McMillan, Mozell Phillips, Aline Crider, Marie Page.

MCHS Picture

Sophomore Class Boys

Left to Right, First Row: Louis Pierce, C. B. Davenport, Joel McHan, Edward Bridges, Eugene Sinor, Cecil Bradley, Robert Vining, Clifford Walls.

Second Row: Eugene McEntire, Itsell Headrick, Martin Kilgore, Steve Anderson, Malcomb Adams, Harlin Peeples, Harold Bandy.

Third Row: Conroy Kilgore, Ralph Bandy, Tom Jones, Tom Plott, Johnny Parrott, Jack Mauldin.

Fourth Row: Joe Mauldin, Billy Wiggins, Freddy Coffey, Winfred Dixon, Neal Walls, Grady Mealer.

MCHS Picture

Freshmen Class Girls

Left to Right, First Row: Frances Hawkins, Imogene Jones, Betty Jean Headrick, Marcel Mealer, Chessie Lee Crider, Evelyn Randolf, Mary Jo Deverel, Doris Henry, Opal Green, Alice Jones.

Second Row: Betty Bryant, Bobena Dover, Bobby Davis, Virginia Leonard, Betty Robinson, Virginia Owens, Wanda Sue Graves, Wilma Parks, Lillian Burger, Janet Winkler, Reba Cockburn.

Third Row: Ruby Moore, Rosella Hampton, Irene Burger, Marlene Duncan, Mary Dixon, Gladys Timms, Ethelyn Bramblett.

Fourth Row: Edith Green, Sybil Hall, Maxine Smith, Sarah Greene, Eloise Winters, Velma Parrott, Frances Bartley, Betty Davis, Mary Ruth Galmon, Ida Harmon.

Fifth Row: Edna Faye Scott, Frances Sluder, Lucille Hensley, Ruby Lee Gibson, Virginia Phelps, Marjorie Henderson, Eloise Harper, Mary Bell Wilbanks, Kathleeen Davis, Julia Green, Phyllis Ogletree, Myra Jo Smith, Bobby Headrick, Marilyn Wilson, Juanita Hooker.

MCHS Picture

Freshman Class Boys

Left to Right, First Row: Joe Hall, Sammy Fite, James Pierce, Jimmy Sloan, Jackie Hilliard, Tommy Hamby, Harry Wilbanks, Carlton McDaniel, B.W. Hampton.

Second Row: Ray Stokes, Jackie Edmondson, Bobby Keener, Bobby Mosteller, Billy Pritchett, Buddy Holcomb, Edward Green, Charles Martin.

Third Row: Harold Morris, Terrel Taylor, Williard Davis, C.A. Ross, Grover Lee Henderson, Harlin Ensley, Jimmy Langston, Earl Taylor, George Baxter, Glenn Gee, Murphus Tucker, Cheener Longley.

Fourth Row: Billy Deal, Hoyt Brown, Harold Hilliard, J. D. King, Mark Payne, Junior Lambert, Reed Welch, Jack Adams, Billy Stafford, Ronald Swanson.

Clubs and Organizations

The Chief was created by the Annual Staff. The Annual pictures a Student Council, Home Ec. Club, F.F.A. Club, Beta Club, and a Glee Club.


The only sport mentioned in that year's annual was basketball.

The following appeared in The Chief:


The Murray Indians hit the hardwood at the first of the season to combine their wits and ability of playing basketball together and to try for another successful season. They did just this, until they let themselves down when they came to the Seventh District Tournament.

The lads were led during the season by their two flashing forwards, Sinor and Robinson, while wonderful works were spread on by the two guards, Davis and Vining, who defended the opponent's bucket and also slipped In a few points. The lanky, slow-moving Charlie Carnes (center) showed wonderful work during the whole season. His graceful form moved as smoothly as a swan.

The boys played 24 games losing only 4 scheduled games. During their performances they used their so-called fast break mostly, which takes wind as well as ability.

The substitutes, Jones, Parrott, Sellers, and Bradley were added attractions as they sat impatiently on the sidelines waiting for their chance. "Flash" Jones was noted for his great Jumping ability, by which he took the tip from any height. Johnny Parrott played wonderful ball as he scraped his way into a good record. The great "Gabby" Sellers, whom everyone got a pleasure out of watching perform, showed trained ability in guarding. Cecil Bradley, the smallest of the squad. went south, pow every now and then to dust the nets and add to his collection of points.

6' 2" Robinson and Captain Sinor stuck neck to neck In points throughout the season with Sinor's collection of 247 points and Robinson's total unknown.

The team lost only two of their players, Robinson and Carnes, but hope to carry on next year with a more powerful and determined team than before.

Herbert Parrott, Manager of the team, and Coach Richards are proud of their Indians.


The Murray County lassies went forward and endeavored to conquer the opponent in many exciting games this year.

The first part of the season was quite unsuccessful in score but quite successful in the number of friends gained. Whenever and wherever Murray played this year, they really made a large number of friends, as can be told by the cheering squads organized and yelling for "Murray." Maybe it was the personality of the team or maybe It was the flashing green and white that always caught their eye.

During the first half of the year they seemed to get enough practice but the players were too short. What they needed was height, and believe me that's what they got when tall Nellie Mae Sexton stepped in as a guard to help Reba Nell Presley, known for those long passes of which only three were intercepted, and Hilda Sure Scott, who did a splendid Job blocking.

The forwards were small but they had nothing to do with their scoring as Jean Haraby, the smallest of the team, went forward end led the number of points as she made 7.3 points per game, while Blllie Butler, running a very close race, scored 7.1 points per game. Jerry Scott, Captain, did not make so many scores, but she knew her way about on the court and made some extra-ordinary passes. She had an average of 5,1 points per game.

The tournament was the greatest disappointment of the season, since the team had made such improvements and had been told we played as well as the team of 36 which won the district tournament.

We played the game and led by 8 points until the last few minutes when part of our team fowled out and when the game ended, it was a draw game with a score of 29 in all.

We played three more minutes to play the tie of and lost by one point. Trion went on to finals.

Whether we won or lost, we showed true sportsmanship the whole year,as this season was one of the most exciting seasons at Murray High.

MCHS Picture

Basketball Team Girls

Left to Right, First Row: Billie Butler, Jean Hamby, Jerry Scott (Captain), Reba Nell Bresley.

Second Row: Hilda Scott, Mr. W.T. Richards (Coach), Nellie Mae Sexton.

MCHS Picture

Basketball Team Boys

Left to Right, First Row: Robert Vining, Ray Sinor (Captain), Henry Sellers.

Second Row: Johnny Parrott, Glenn Davis, Terry Jones, Herbert Parrott (Manager).

Third Row: Tom Jones, Tom Plott, Mr. W.T. Richards (Coach), Clifford Walls, Cecil Bradley.

Advertisers in THE CHIEF

Businesses that placed ads in The Chief, 1945-46 were: Tourist Cafe and Fort Cafe, the De Soto Hotel, Sinclair Service Station, Fred Brown & Son, Fincher Drug Co, H.P. Kitchen Drug Store, Cohutta Cab Company, Meser & Kelly S.S., Fort Mountain Lumber Company, Fort Theater, Gregory & Peeples Ford, and Cohutta Banking Company.

Interestingly, none of the advertisements included an address or telephone number!

Thanks to Bobby Mosteller for lending his copy of THE CHIEF from which this material was taken!

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