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(Placed on the National Register of Historic Places June 21, 2004)


MCHS History

This brief announcement appeared on the front-page of the Chatsworth Times, March 5, 1942.

The full text read:

For the first time in the history of Murray High school "The Chief" is underway with Barron Brooks serving as editor of this year's annual. "The Chief" promises to give to all the inspiration of maintaining high ideals in the spirit of Murray County High school.

The theme of this year's edition is to portray the true life on the campus of Murray High. This volume will serve as a treasure house of golden memories, when many students have completed their work here and are taking their place in life. It will bring back cherished reminiscences of friendship and pleasant associations maintained here.

There is no doubt of the excellent quality which this book will possess with the staff made up of students and teachers such as Barron Brooks, editor-in-chief; Nell Ruth Davis, assistant editor-in-chief; Frances Westfield, business manager; Mac Sellers, sports editor; Ruth Brown, society editor; Willie June Gee, associate business manager; and Helen Sue Green, advertising manager. Miss Louise Chambers, Miss Edna Waldrup, Miss Pauline Ogletree and Mr. Paul Mosteller are faculty advisers.

If you want a copy of the 1942 "Chief" make arrangements in the office of Murray High school or contact a member of the staff. "The Chief" will sell for $1.50.

Note: The text of "The Chief" was typewritten, but also included a few handwritten titles and advertisements. The following pictures and associated identifications were taken from the annual.

MCHS History

This volume of THE CHIEF we dedicate to Miss Lula Gladden who, through her Christian tolerance; through her consideration of the personalities, the rights, and the opinions of others; and through her forty-nine years of unselfish service to the schools, to the hundreds of boys and girls whose lives she has touched–a living example of the Beauty of Character.

MCHS History

Superintendent of Schools, Jack Greeson.

The Board of Education included B. A. Gregory, J. W. Stanford, W. C. Ellis, S. M. Carter and Bob Causby.

(Note: Apparently a highly regarded Superintendent was serving in the military, during this, the first year of World War II. It appears that Greeson was "filling the void.")

MCHS History


An alert, efficient, vigorous Superintendent who gave abundantly of his strength to others in his six years of service; an energetic, practical, dominating teacher, with a rare sense of humor and a keen perception that solved many problems other than mathematics; a friend, loyal and understanding, with that unusual gift of being able to put himself in the other person's place; a good citizen who considers it a privilege to wear Uncle Sam's uniform and serve his country; a Christian gentleman.

Murray County High School salutes a veteran educator who is now in the army–Lieutenant Keith.

MCHS History

C. W. Bradley, Principal

MCHS History

Faculty consisted of:

G. I. Maddox, Agriculture
Ruth Ann Pannell, Home Economics
Annie L. Howard, Science
Louise Chambers, Social Science
Alwayne Jones, Music
Jerry Bowers, English
Pauline Ogletree, Science
Lula Gladden, Foreign Language
Ray Bagley, Mathematics
Inez Kerr, English
Ruby Brooks, Commerce
Paul Mosteller, Social Science
Edna Waldroup, Librarian

MCHS History


First row: W. F. Davis, Donald Gryder, James Loughridge, Junior Elrod, Jackie Smith, Paul Vaughn, Mac Sellers, W. H. Lindsey, Cecil Welch, Marvin Mathis.

Second row: Vernon Rodgers, Ronald Gryder, Mitchell Pritchett, James Bingham, Tim Hawkins, Colvard Kendrick, Ben Adams, Manton Wilson.

Third row: C. D. Goswick, Earnest Mathis, Lawerence Plott, Barron Brooks, Jack Poag, Jackie Keith, Judson Vick.

Fourth row: Edward McCamy, Henry Mullinax, Edward Kendrick, Barnard Evans, Markie Hale, Jewel Headrick.

MCHS History


First row: Willie June Gee, Myrtle Walker, Mary Jo Cate, Nell Ruth Davis, Ruth Brown, Janette Campbell, Helen Bond, Margie Cockburn, Mary Frances Roe, Euna Vee Caylor.

Second row: Mary Frances Ethridge, Louise Parrott, Helen Sue Green, Clarice Richards, Gertrude Brown, Wilma Spivey, Opal Ingle.

Third row: Simple Jenkins, Dixie Adams, Garnetta Brown, Lillian Middleton, Evelyn Leonard, Geraldine Greeson, Thelma Beavers, Alieen Gordon

MCHS History


First row: Ray Treadwell, Wilburn Keener, Vernon Hilley, Roy Beavers, E. P. Davis, Bill Kendrick, Smith Loughridge, Troy McCamey, Kendall Arrowood, Enoch Davis.

Second row: Calvin Townsend, George Hawkins, Joe Plott, Arnold Wilbanks, Harold Swanson, Boyd Deal, Roy Whittle, Cleburne Harmon, John Wilbanks.

Third row: Charles Beason, Lamar Fortner, Boyd Coffey, George Legg, Emmett Stokes, R. L. Parrott, Bernard Peeples.

Fourth row: Olen Baxter, Julian Moore, Ray Godfrey, M. D. Jackson, Jeff Young, Hugh McCamey.

MCHS History


First row: Katie Lee Sitton, Willene Smith, Arlene Phillips, Bleeka Leonard, Edna Pierce, Lee Anna Davis, Virginia Bradford, Vadah Butler, Juanita Elrod, Louise Plemons.

Second row: Blanche Keener, Margaret Hilley, Geneva Cobb, Lyndall Ethridge, Jean Red, Opal Davis, Gladys Bright, Arlie Patterson, Sarah Ruth Williams, Juliet Turvey, Cleo Keith, Hazel Mosteller.

Third row: Eloise McEntire, Nell Springfield, Elizabeth Petty, Jewel Wright, Jean Wells, Frances Westfield, Peggy Cox, Janet McCamey, Marie Hall

MCHS History


First row: J. E. Barksdale, Theodore Johnson, Junior Ledford, Robert Huff, Ray Greeson, Glenn Petty, Junior Mantooth, Garvin Kirby.

Second row: Ben Messer, Clyde Long, Murl Thompson, Tom Mahan, L. H. Sanford, W. A. Crump, Eddie Epperson, Gerald Hood, Malvin Townsend, Fred Robinson.

Third row: Gordon Smith, Billy Roberts, James Arthur, Tommy Deal, Baxter Mashburn, J. A. Kilgore, Malcom Beason, Frank Moore, Odus Boling, J. C. Wright.

Fourth row: Paul Goble, Buford Dunn, Billy Presley, D. A. Winkler, Charles Carnes, James Long, Phil Bradley, Winfrey Bookout, Jack Hall, H. P. Phillips.

MCHS History


First row: Mildred Crumley, Marie Crumley, Bertha Lee Ingle, Ava Nell Tucker, Willena Baxter, Martha Sue Wilbanks, Clara Lou Buckner, Hazel Self, Frances Clayton, Lucy Adams, Betty Jo Kelly.

Second row: Betty Jo Fite, Geraldine Bryant, Oma Nell Vess, Ruby Poteet, Fay Brown Gordon, Frances Headrick, Elizabeth Stroup, Loretta Hawkins, Marjorie Pritchett, Evelyn Eaton.

Third row: Geneva Ethridge, Lucy Coffey, Jim Richardson, Carolyn Peeples, Juanita Langford, Opal Owens, Sue Robinson, Jeffie Gallman.

Fourth row: Maurine McHan, Betty Vaughn, Cathrine Richeson, Edna Lee Bates, Peggy Charles, Frances Baynes, Clara Lee Carter.

MCHS History

(Note: For Freshmen the annual used only family names.)

First row: Killelburg, Hammontree, Keith, Bryant, Keener, Bandy, Wilbanks, Philips, Bandy.

Second row: Kilgore, Arthur, Cockburn, Hilley, Colburn, Warmack, Loughridge, Keener, Dunn.

Third row: Stanford, Beason, Dunn, Higdon, Cagle, Moore, Duckett.

Fourth row: Beavers, Gregory, Jackson, Crumley, Ownby, Jones, Burch, Higdon, Waters.

MCHS History

(Note: Note: For Freshmen the annual used only family names.)

First row: Crumley, Pallenzy, Watkins, Freeland, Ledford, Mauldin, Brown.

Second row: Carter, Coffey, Hall, Hawkins, Hammontree, Sanders, Whittmore, Couch, Nix, Bowers, Ingle, Thomas.

Third row: Leonard, Green, Robinson, Gregory, Hale, Caylor, Caylor, Eaton, Harris, Mathis, Henry.

Fourth row: Huddleston, Huddleston, Gibson, Cobb, Adams, Bridges, Rogers, Mosteller, Hawkins, Brown, Dunn.


MCHS History

Awards for Scholarship and Music to Glenn Petty and Betty Jo Kelly

MCHS History

Awards for Best Citizens Agriculture and Home Economics to Olen Baxter and Nell Ruth Davis.


MCHS History

Awards for Atheletics and Activities to Malvin Townsend and Frances Westfield.

MCHS History



MCHS History

Athletic award to Vadah Butler.


The annual mentions the following organizations: Glee Club, Senior French Club, Junior French Club, Home Economics Club, Future Farmers of America, "The Chief" staff, The Murray Chieftan staff, the 4-H Club, the "M" Club.

MCHS History


First row: Louise Plemons, Helen Pond, Ruth Brown, Nell Ruth Davis, Lucy Coffey, Maurine McHan, Juanita Elrod, Betty Jo Kelly.

Second row: Marjorie Pritchett, Betty Jo Fite, Clarice Richards, Hazel Self, Frances Westfield, Jean Wells.

Third row: Virginia Bradford, Cathrine Richeson, Evelyn Adams, Sue Robinson, Peggy Charles.

Fourth row: James Loughridge, Henry Mullinax, M. D. Jackson, Edward Kendrick, Markie Hale, Boyd Deal.


MCHS History


First row: Helen Bond, Margie Cockburn, Thelma Beavers, Myrtle Walker, Eloise McEntire, Garnetta Brown, Louise Parrott, Mary Jo Cate, Nell Ruth Davis, Ruth Brown, Geraldine Greeson.

Second row: Mrs. Ruth Ann Pannell, Wilma Spivey, Peggy Charles, Edna Lee Bates, Oma Nell Vess, Estelle Coffey, Mildred Crumley, Clara Lou Buckner, Frances Clayton, Lucy Adams, Betty Jo Kelly, Juanita Elrod, Alieen Gordon, Janette Campbell.

Third row: Nell Springfield, Carolyn Peeples, Gladys Bright, Opal Davis, Katie Lee Sitton, Vadah Butler, Clarice Richards, Helen Sue Green, Sue Robinson, Virginia Bradford.

Fourth row: Pearl Mauldin, Jeffie Gallman, Cleo Keith, Janet McCamey, Dimple Jenkins, Elizabeth Petty, Jean Red, Dixie Adams, Evelyn Leonard, Opal Ingle.

Fifth row: Sarah Ruth Williams, Peggy Cox, Betty Vaughn, Marie Crumley, Cathrine Richeson, Loretta Hawkins, Elizabeth Stroup, Edna Pierce, Bleeka Leonard, Lyndall Ethridge.


MCHS History


First row: Emmett Stokes, Theodore Johnson, E. P. Davis, Paul Goble, J. A. Kilgore, Harold Bandy, Lawerence Plott, Cecil Welch, W. A. Crump, James Loughridge, Kendall Arrowood, Benson Kisselburg, Manton Wilson.

Second row: Murl Thompson, Smith Loughridge, Ben Messer, Junior Elrod, Glenn Petty, Ray Gregory, Wilburn Kenner, Ralph Phillips, Jack Hall, Charles Beason, George Hawkins, Winfrey Burch.

Third row: Malvin Townsend, G. I. Maddox, James Bingham, Lamar Fortner, Junior Hammontree, Ben Adams, Calvin Townsend, Boyd Deal, Raymond Keener, Bobby Keith, Fred Bryant, Julian Moore, Jerl Hood, George Legg, Baynard Evans, Earnest Mathis.

Fourth row: Tom McHan, L. H. Sanford, Julian Kilgore, James Arthur, Carl Hilley, S. A. Crumbley, Wilburn Keener, Roy Dunn, Steve Cagle, J. C. Wright, Roy Whittle.

Fifth row: Markus Dunn, Von Roy Keener, James Jackson, Clyde Long, George Arthur, D. A. Winkler, Tommy Deal, Odis Boling, Troy Beason, Frank Moore, Jack Smith, Jack Poag, Troy McCamy, Jackie Keith, Gordon Smith, Hugh McCamy, Olen Baxter.

Sixth row: Kenneth Beavers, Ray Treadwell, Dillard Ownby, Billie Roberty, Malcom Beason, Bill Kendrick, Billie Presley, Joe Plott, Glenn Petty, Roy Cockburn, Eddie Epperson, Garvin Kirby, Baxter Mashburn, Doyle Moore.


MCHS History


Editors-in-Chief: Edward McCamy and Frances Westfield.

Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Nell Ruth Davis.

Associate Editors: Ruth Brown, Mac Sellers, Edward Kendrick.

Reporter: Nell Springfield.


MCHS History

"M" Club Members 1941-42

First row: James Long, Evelyn Leonard, R. L. Parrott.

Second row: Judson Vick, Polly Robinson, Louise Parrott, Helen Sue Green, Frances Westfield, Vadah Butler, George Legg.

Third row: Jeff Young, Jackie Keith, Edward McCamey, Ray Godfrey, Calvin Townsend, Lawrence Plott, Malvin Townsend.


MCHS History


Seated: Jeff Young, Lawerence Plott, Edward McCamy.

Standing: Malcom Beason, Ray Godfrey, Troy Beason, George Legg.

Coach: C. W. Bradley


MCHS History


Seated: Markie Hale, Cecil Welch, James Long, Robert Dickie, R. L. Parrott.

Standing: Coach C. W. Bradley, Calvin Townsend, Tim Hawkins, Phil Bradley, Charlie Carnes, Ray Godfrey, Ben Adams, Jackie Keith, Victor Stanford, Fred Robinson, Malvin Townsend.


MCHS History


First row: Lucy Adams, Louise Parrott, Helen Sue Green, Mary Frances Green.

Second row: Miss Ruby Brooks (coach), Polly Robinson, Vadah Butler, Evelyn Leonard, Frances Westfield, Cathrine Richeson, Alma Leonard.


MCHS History


Seated: Judson Vick, R. L. Parrott, James Long (captain), Ray Godfrey, George Legg, Malvin Townsend.

Standing: C. W. Bradley (coach), Victor Stanford, Luther Jones, Charlie Carns, Tim Hawkins, Calvin Townsend, Phil Bradley, Jackie Keith.

Arnold Wilbanks, manager, in front.


"The Chief" 1941-42 contained several interesting ads. For example, the Cohutta Banking Company bought a quarter-page ad that said "If you can't fight, buy bonds and stamps. Buy bonds for tanks, planes, ships...Bonds for VICTORY." Another ad was for the Balfour Company, featuring class "jewelry," diplomas, invitations, caps and gowns. An ad for R. K. Wood, specialist in school and college annual photography, North Chattanooga, Tennessee probably means that Wood did the photographs for the annual. The Chatsworth Lions Club ad said "Keep Them Flying With Bonds and Stamps." The Chatsworth Cleaners warned that "wool materials will be scarce and expensive next winter. Protect your coats, winter suits and dresses by storing them safely in our moth-proof bags."

Murray County businesses with ads included: Tourist Café, Quarles & Westfield, Albert's Garage, Kenemer Bros. Funeral Home, T. W. Brooks Insurance, Cohutta Bank, Fincher Drug, The Pines, Bradley's Food, Oscher's Department Store, Chatsworth Cleaners, Fort Theater, Kitchen's Rexall Drug, Bus Terminal Grill, Sallie's 5 & 10, the DeSoto Hotel, Floyd's Taxi, C. B. Davis Store in Spring Place and W. W. Keith & Son General Merchandise of Eton. Numerous politicians, professionals, and ordinary citizens bought smaller ads wishing the school and its students well.

That concludes the material taken from that year's first-ever annual.

The following appeared on the front page of the Chatsworth Times issue of May 21, 1942.

56 Seniors Graduate From Murray High

Commencement Exercises Held Last Friday Night

Fifty-six senior of Murray County High School were graduated last Friday evening at exercises taking place in the school auditorium.

Charles A. Pannell, attorney and legislator of Murray county, made the principal address of the evening.

The program opened with the students and audience singing the national anthem, which was followed by the invocation by Miss Lula Gladden.

Nell Ruth Davis made the salutatory address and Tim Hawkins was class valedictorian. C. W. Bradley, principal of the school awarded the diplomas.

Those graduating were Dixie Adams, Glenn Adams, Ben Adams, Thelma Beavers, Garnetta Brown, Gertrude Brown, Ruth Brown, Helen Bond, James Bingham, Janell Campbell, Emma Vee Caylor, Margie Cockburn, Mary Jo Cate, Nell Ruth Davis, W. F. Davis, Junior Elrod, Baynard Evans, Mary F. Etheridge, Willie June Gee, Helen Sue Green, Geraldine Greeson, C.D. Goswick, Donald Gryder, Jewell Headrick, Markie Hale, Tim Hawkins, Opal Ingle, Jackie Keith, Colvard Kendrick, Edward Kendrick, Eugene Langston, W. H. Lindsey, James Loughridge, Evelyn Leonard, Marvin Mathis, Earnest Mathis, Edward McCamy, Geraldine Moore, Henry Mullinax, Lavine Parrott, Sam Plott, Lawrence Plott, Jack Poag, Mitchell Pritchett, Clarice Richards, Vernon Rogers, Mac Sellers, Glen Smith, Jack Smith, Wilma Spivey, Woodrow Talley, Marjorie Vineyard, Judson Vick, Paul Vaughn, Myrtle Walker and Cecil Welch.

The following were honor students: Nell Ruth Davis, Baynard Evans, Tim Hawkins, James Loughridge, Edward McCamy.


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