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Extracted from the 1910 Census by Herman McDaniel in 2011


	Murray Citizens Working in the  Talc Industry in 1910.
	Extracted from the 1910 Census by Herman McDaniel in 2011

	Bishop, James H.		Laborer, Talc Mill
	Cox, Joe L.			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Ellis, Fred W.			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Elrod, Faron			Talc Hauler
	Elrod, John H.  		Talc Hauler
	Ensley, Will			Miner, Talc Mines
	Glenn, Eli R.			Foreman, Talc Mill
	Henry, John C. S.		Laborer, Talc Mines
	Hester, M.			Talc Cutter, Talc Mill
	Lewis, Hans W.	Cutter, 	Talc Mill
	Lewis, Hettie			Packer, Talc Mill
	Lewis, William D.		Employee, Talc Mill
	Lindsay, Willis	Miner, 		Talc Mines
	Lindsay, John			Miner, Talc Mines
	Osbey, Ida H.			Packer, Talc Mill
	Osbey, Joseph			Sawyer, Talc Mill
	Owsby, William A.		Sawyer, Talc Mill
	Pierce, Tom			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Roberts, A.			Packer, Talc Mill
	Roe, Alonzo J. J.		Laborer, Talc Mill
	Springfield, Butler B.		Talc Hauler
	Stiles, A. L.			Miner, Talc Mines
	Swanson, Samuel	        	Talc Hauler
	Wallace, Harley	Packer, 	Talc Mill
	Willis, Emmett	Laborer, 	Talc Mill
	Murray Citizens Working in the Talc Industry in 1920.
	Extracted from the 1920 Census by Herman McDaniel in 2011
	Akins, Robert L.		Talc Mill
	Ballew, Price			Miner, Talc Mines
	Barksdale, Virgil		Talc Mill
	Beavers, Jim			Miner, Talc Mines
	Etheridge, Doss			Miner, Talc Mines
	Gregory, Jean			Talc Mill
	Gregory, Oscar			Talc Mill
	Henry, George			Talc Mill
	Hodson, Henry			Miner, Talc Mines
	Kenyon, Claude H.		Foreman, Talc Mill
	Layman, Sam			Miner, Talc Mines
	Layman, Walker			Miner, Talc Mines
	Lyles, O.			Miner, Talc Mines
	Nix, Cary			Miner, Talc Mines
	Nix, Oscar			Miner, Talc Mines
	Perris, Hezekial		Foreman, Talc Mill
	Spencer, William A.		Talc Mill
	Springfield, John W.		Talc Mill
	Swiney, George			Talc Mill
	Welch, William			Talc Mill
	Murray Citizens Working in The Talc Industry in 1930.
	Extracted from the 1930 Census by Herman McDaniel in 2011
	Anderson, Jasper P.		Talc Hauler
	Anderson, Leroy	Foreman, 	Talc Mill
	Bailey, Margaret		Crayons Packer, Talc Mill
	Bailey, Sam			Sawyer, Talc Mill
	Beavers, Grady			Sawyer, Talc Mill
	Cantrell, Crook			Miner, 	Talc Mines
	Cantrell, Sam			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Cantrell, Thomas		Sawyer, Talc Mill
	Carver, George M.		Foreman, Talc Mill
	Chambers, Jim E.		Foreman, Talc Mines
	Cox, Nina			Bookkeeper, Talc Mill
	Defore, Riley			Miner, Talc Mines
	Defore, Theodore		Miner, Talc Mines
	Dover, Jennis			Pencil Packer, Talc Mill
	Dover, Paul C.			Miner, Talc Mines
	Duncan, Cliff L.		Miner, Talc Mines
	Edmondson, Charlie		Laborer, Talc Mill
	Elrod, Claude E.		Engineer, Talc Mines
	Elrod, Emmett W.		Miner, Talc Mines
	Elrod, Grace			Crayons Packer, Talc Mill
	Elrod, John P.			Miner, Talc Mines
	Elrod, Lee G.			Miner, Talc Mines
	Elrod, Sam			Laborer, Talc Mill
	England, Anderson		Miner, Talc Mines
	England, Rufus			Miner, Talc Mines
	Ensley, Bryant			Miner, Talc Mines
	Ensley, Edwin			Miner, Talc Mines
	Ensley, Eugene			Miner, Talc Mines
	Ensley, John			Blacksmith, Tale Mines
	Etheridge, Angus		Sawyer, Talc Mill
	Fletcher, Frank			Talc Hauler
	Glenn, Curtis			Employee, Talc Mill
	Goodwin, Harold			Miner, Talc Mines
	Gordon, Cicero			Miner, Talc Mines
	Hardison, William		Miner, Talc Mines
	Harrison, George Jr.		Miner, Talc Mines
	Harrison, Levi			Talc Hauler
	Harrison, Owen			Miner, Talc Mines
	Henry, Mamie			Sawyer, Talc Mill
	Huff, Lewis P.			Manager, Talc Mill
	Hufstetler, John C.		Foreman, Talc Mill
	Huggins, Luther			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Ingle, Andy			Sawyer, Talc Mill
	Ingle, Martin			Miner, Talc Mines
	Jenkins, Mary			Crayons Packer, Talc Mill
	Kelly, J. P.			Foreman, Talc Mill
	Leonard, Dewey			Employee, Talc Mill 
	Mathis, Edgbert			Saw Grinder, Talc Mill
	McEnery, Ben			Miner, Talc Mines
	McEnery, Jim			Miner, Talc Mines
	Nix, Carry			Miner, Talc Mines
	Nix, Norman			Miner, Talc Mines
	Peeples, Sally L.		Pencil Packer, Talc Mill
	Pendley, William H.		Machinist, Talc Mill
	Revel, Royce			Miner, Talc Mines
	Seaton, Ramsey			Miner, Talc Mines
	Self, Joseph E.			Miner, Talc Mines
	Sloan, Sam C.			Machinist, Talc Mill
	Smith, John E.			Sawyer, Talc Mill
	Spivey, O. D.			Packer, Talc Mill
	Surancan (?), Will		Miner, Talc Mines
	Swanson, Will			Stocker, Talc Mill
	Turner, James L.		Miner, Talc Mines
	Vickery, James			Foreman, Talc Mines
	Waldroup, Frank			Sawyer, Talc Mill
	Waldroup, John			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Wilbanks, Ben			Miner, Talc Mines
	Wilbanks, Burl			Miner, Talc Mines
	Williams, Virgil		Miner, Talc Mines
	Wilson, Lilly Mae		Crayons Packer, Talc Mill
	Witherow, Clay			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Witherow, Delmer		Laborer, Talc Mill
	Witherow, Fate			Miner, Talc Mines
	Witherow, James A.		Miner, Talc Mines
	Murray Citizens Working in The Talc Industry in 1940.
	Extracted from the 1940 Census by Herman McDaniel in 2017
	Anderson, J. P.			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Anderson, Jim			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Anderson, Harold		Truck Driver, Talc Mill
	Anthony, Charles		Laborer, Talc Mine
	Bagley, Walt			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Bagley, Floyd			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Belcher, Willie			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Best, T. H.			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Brooks, T. W.			Insurance/Bkkeep, Talc Mill
	Brooks, Dolle			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Buckner, Sam			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Cantrell, Tom			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Cantrell, Henry			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Carver, Willard			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Carver, Earnest			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Carver, Ruben			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Carver, Pander			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Chambers, Newt			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Chambers, Jim			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Coroum (?), Ben			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Defore, James			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Defore, Theodore		Laborer, Talc Mine
	Defore, Kenneth			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Defore, Rill (?)		Laborer, Talc Mine
	Elrod, Gannon			Truck Driver, Talc Mill
	Elrod, Lennie			Packing pencils, Talc Mill
	Elrod, Viola			Grader/pencils, Talc Mill
	England, S. A.			Laborer, Talc Mill
	England, Alfred			Laborer, Talc Mine
	England, Rufus			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Ensley, Gene			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Ensley, Bryan			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Ensley, John			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Glenn, Marion W.		Manager, Talc Mill
	Gordon, Roy			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Gowns, Sally			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Harrison, Owen			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Harrison, Logan			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Harrison, Homer			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Hawkins, J. Glitter		Laborer, Talc Mill
	Henry, Mamie B.			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Hilde, Paul			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Huff, Lewis P.			Superintendent, Talc Mill
	Huggins, Ella			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Huggins, Luther			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Ingle, Robert			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Ingle, Melvin			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Kelly, Mary			Secretary, Talc Mill
	Nix, Oscar			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Nix, Luther			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Nix, Carey			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Patterson, Artland (?)   	Laborer, Talc Mine
	Peeples, Sally			Grading Crayons, Talc Mill
	Pellam, Conard			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Pence, Frazier			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Smith, Hall C.			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Spivey, O. D.			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Spivey, Essie			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Springfield, Boyd		Laborer, Talc Mine
	Springfield, Steed		Laborer, Talc Mine
	Stewart, John			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Tankersley, Jenny		Laborer, Talc Mill
	Turner, Clyde			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Weaver, Walter			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Welch, Henry			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Welch, Will			Laborer, Talc Mill
	Welch, Harlan			Laborer, Talc Mill
	West, Charlie			Laborer, Talc Mill
	West, Joe			Foreman, Talc Mine
	Wilbanks, Hill			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Witherow, Clay			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Witherow, Vaughn		Laborer, Talc Mill
	Young, Seaborn			Laborer, Talc Mine
	Young, Glenn			Laborer, Talc Mine

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