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Statistics, State of Georgia, 1845 indicated that Murray County had 20 grist mills.

Note: The initial list of grist mills was created by computer searching the text of Murray County Heritage.

As museum visitors send in information about other grist mills that have operated in Murray County, they will be added.

Additional details about all mills are welcomed.

Photos of Murray mills are also needed.


Chable Mill, on Jack's River. Owned and operated by Chable family.

Solomon Fouts had three grist mills in the Valley, one on Jack's River, two on the Conasauga.

Horton Mill, on Jigger Creek, owned by Joe Horton.

Linder Mill, owned by J. W. and J. H. Linder before 1886. Later operated by Oliver Huckabee.


Treadwell Mill, 3 story structure built in 1870 on the Conasauga. Ceased operation prior to World War II.


Jim Bagley owned a gristmill. Anyone know details?


Ed Ridley is said to have owned three grist mills, two near Tickle Gizzard School, another near Hookers. Anyone know details?

John Hawkins owned a grist mill near Center Hill. Anyone have details?


Frank Brindle had a grist mill. Anyone know details?

Jeff Green had a grist mill. Anyone know details?


Gregory Store had a grist mill.

Nix Grist Mill.


Harvey Phillips had a grist mill early 1900s.


At least three grist mills are known to have existed in this area. No trace remains of one that existed on the north prong of Sumach Creek.

Smith Treadwell owned one on the south prong.

Cohutta Springs Gristmill and Dance Hall was built around 1915.


Although Crandall reportedly had more than one grist mill in the early 1900s, none of the details are known? Anybody have reliable information?


Dennis Mill was built around 1869 by Dennis Johnson. It operated until 1953.


Eton Flour Mill. Business moved from Spring Place in 1908 to Eton, which was on the new railroad. Later operators included Bill Reed and Spencer Davis.

D. S. Butler Mill. Early 1900s. Later operators included Lee Yother and George Holmes.


Bill Hammontree and wife Lizzie operated a grist mill here from late 1800s until late 1940s.


There were two mills on opposite sides of the road.

King & McHan's was in operation before 1880.

Feagan's. Later operated by Carnes.


Gregory's Mill, near Cohutta Springs. Was in operation in 1880. Torn down in 1937.


Hassler's first mill, built on Holly Creek by William Hassler, was in operation before the Cherokee Removal of 1838. It operated less than a year before being washed away by a flood. Was replaced by a building 3 stories tall. Later operators include Aaron Nix, Jerry Calhoun, Tint Calhoun, Tom Terry, and Jerry Henson. Mill was torn down 1927-28.

At least three other mills are known to have existed nearby, one owned by Dan Isenhower, one owned by Marvin(?) Rogers, and another owned by Dave Winkler.


John Barks had a grist mill near Holly Creek Post Office.

Fields' Mill, on Coosawattee near McClure's Ferry. In operation in 1860s.

Gatts Mill at Holly Creek was in operation in 1854.

Martin Mill, owned by Alexander Martin, operated by Alexander Wagnon. Was located on Holly Creek between Bullpen and Eighth.


Boatwright Mill. No details known.

A second mill, name unknown, also existed nearby.


Lee Griffin owned a grist mill in or near Ramhurst. Anyone have details?


James Vann owned first grist mill(s) here in very early 1800s.

Joseph Vann built a new one in 1822.

Alexander Leonard owned a grist mill at Spring Place "in the 1800s." Anyone have details?

Flour Mill, owned by Chip Owens. Located where Golden Gallon is today.

Vonberg Mill. In operation 1879-80. Need more details.


Chastain's Mill. Near Mt. Carmel Church, east of Highway 225, known to have been operating in 1880.

John Green ran a gristmill in a log building. Structure fell down in 1972.

Several other grist mills are said to have existed nearby but no details have been found yet. Anyone know about them?


Wiggins Grist Mill. Anyone have details?


Fletcher Blaylock owned a grist mill. Anyone know details?


Eppy Dennis Bond and his son, Paul H. Bond, operated grist mills on Woodlawn Road from the 1890s until 1950.


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