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Senators representing Murray County in the Georgia Legislature have not always been residents of Murray County. From 1833 until 1843 and again from 1853-1860, Murray was a senatorial district by itself. For a short time (1844-1852) Murray was a part of the 45th District. Then, for over a century it was in the 43rd senatorial district. In 1962 Murray became a part of the 54th district which now includes parts of Whitfield and Catoosa Counties. Senators representing Murray have included:

Baker, Isaac 1833-36
Bates, John 1839
Beck, Eugene Henry 1917-18
Bishop, 1840-43
Brown, Robert 1837-38
Bryant, Wallace Calvin 1949-50
Chance, Ronald F. 1951-52
Chappell, George 1851-52
Chastain, Elijah W. 1845-48
Dantzler, J.O. 1943-44
David, Austin Banks 1921-22, 27-28
Dodd, William P. 1902-03
Edmondson, James 1849-50, 57-58
Fain, Joel C. 1868-1870, 78-79
Fields, Samuel E. 1888
Fincher, W.W. (Bill), Jr. 1965 to date
Glenn, George G. 1919-20
Green, Thomas E. (M.D.) 1923-24
Harbin, T.W. 1915-17
Harlan, James M. 1890-91
Herndon, B.Z. 1900-01
Jackson, John M. 1861-63
Johnson, J.A.W. 1865-66
Jones, Thomas R. 1882-83
King, Charles N. 1898-99,1905-06
Loughridge,B. 1853-54
Martin, W.C. 1907-08
McCutchen,C.D. 1863-65
McCutchen, Frank Kelly 1937-38
McDonald, C.Ernest 1955-56
McGinty, John Roy, Jr. 1935-36, 39-40, 45-46
McKamy, James A. 1886-87
Mitchell, Erwin 1961-62
Morris, James 1855-56
Moss, C.L. 1957-58
Owens, C.T. 1911-12
Pannell, Charles Adam 1947-48, 59-60, 63
Park, Kirby 1953-54
Paschall, James Hedleston 1933-34
Pickering,V.C. 1929-31
Pitts, Logan R. 1909-10
Rankin,W.R. 1884-85
Rembert,E.W. 1892-93
Sapp, William M. 1925-26
Stark, Buell 1931-32
Starr, O.N. 1896-97,1904
Starr, Trammell 1894-95
Steed, Rufus Noel 194142
Tarver, Malcolm Conner 1913-14
Thomas, Reese S. 1963-64
Trammell, Leander Newton 1871-1874
TrammeU, Paul 1889
Treadwell, Stephen G. 1880-81
Wilson, R.E. 1859-60,1875-77

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